Monday, November 2, 2015

rise to Bethel

Today is the start of new beginnings for how I share my artwork; created and inspired by God.

Today God has spoken and said get prepared to share my WORD for the Good News is alive and transforming lives. Rise to Bethel. Bethel is the House of God.

Today I begin to make life easier by linking all things Alchemy - Art Memories related into a clean woven web of images and words to encourage and inspire others to discover God's creative spirit within themselves. Today I invite you to rise to Bethel. To take time daily to discover the WORD of God, the scripture, the bible.

Yesterday our pastor preached on the topic of Rising to Bethel, to return to the house of God. To remind ourselves of where God found us and what he has done thus far. Where he has lead us out of, where he leads us daily, and where he wants to lead us in future. This blog entry is in honor of the new beginning God has created in my heart. He has reignited a fire in my heart and it's all about LOVE.

Where God found me...

My blog page started back in 2011 after I had experienced my second layoff from work (the 1st layoff was a shock and drew me into depression quickly). My family and prayers helped me sustain that fall.

The 2nd layoff was ALL GOD in the details.

It was during this time of the summer of 2011 that my father helped me turn my small attic into a working art studio. I turned every moment into a time to create for wellness. I began to read more the WORD of God in my bible, I read devotionals, self help books, affirmations and spent a lot of time reading art blogs.

What I discovered during this wonderful time was that God had turned something meant to harm me (like a job layoff with a mortgage to pay, car debt, college debt, etc... as a single gal) into a blessing. With very little funds my primary time was spent at home and I used that time to color, paint, draw, cut, glue, stitch, and stamp my spirit into a new creation.

Where God is leading me daily...

I love 2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

My upholstery business is called Alchemy and it's inspired by this scripture. This new business came about after my 3rd job layoff. God's leadership, support from friends and family and especially my husband, Alexis has made it possible for Alchemy to grown into a full time job for me and a true blessing. As I spend my daily hours transforming old, forgotten furniture into new creations of new value in design and fabric. I take the time daily to worship my lord in songs of praise and prayer as I deconstruct, sew, and tack on new life to these furniture art forms. My favorite part is releasing the finished project back to it's owner. The joy is abundant as both the client and I reflect on the journey and the end results. The work is not easy; very labor intensive, physically demanding and I give my best on every project. I turn to my father a retired upholster, for advice when I get stuck and I turn to God daily for inspiration and spirit to put forth my best heart in every project. I spend time praying over each project during the process and asking the Lord to bless the homes of each client, to bring forth peace, love, and purpose to each household.

I remind myself of 2 Corinthians 5:17 as I start (rise) to read my bible and daily devotional. It speaks about a new creation, turning your heart over to God. This is tough stuff. Submitting to anyone or anything is not a modern day approach to living life. Especially not in American society which tells you to be self reliant. But I remind myself to where God found me in the summer of 2011.

I submitted that summer to what God's plans were and began to transform my spirit into one of love and not depression, sadness, or anger. It taught me that when you are submissive to God's plans ALL IS GOOD. God will always give you his best. He just was waiting for me to give him my time, my attention, my heart!

Where God will lead me in future...

Being a follower of Jesus, a believer of John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

It is not an easy path to take but that summer of 2011 I began to take the first steps to surrendering my life to God. To allow his will to take over my spirit, my life.

It is now 2015 and so many amazing things have occurred. I am now married to my bestfriend, I am self employed with my own design/upholstery business, I share my love for creativity with an Art Ministry called DO SOMETHING CLUB, I serve my church and local ministry with my talents in digital art/web design.


His faithfulness is a reminder to me to continue to rise to Bethel. To continue to discover, explore, enjoy the world of art making to glorify his name and share that LOVE with others through Art Memories.

I encourage YOU today to allow God into your heart, to take that first step to submit to his pathways.
God dreams bigger, better dreams then we could ever dream for ourselves. I am a testimony to that. When I tried to organize, plan, develop it on my own my life was a wreck of good luck days and deep days of sorrow. Now with God as my pilot I am flying high in the clouds with JOY but rooted in the WORD to keep me from self destruction. The WORD is powerful and it transforms.

Thank you heavenly father for the gifts, talents and love you bestow upon me and my household. I ask that these words shared here will be a seed in the hearts of others to grow their faith. To welcome you into their hearts so you may develop those seeds of Good Fruit to glorify your name and be a testimony to the power of a LIVING GOD that still reigns today.

Sandra Granthon-Roman

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