Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Purpose" Art Card

So after having fun making the "Winter PLOW" mixed media project last night I also got a second wind and made this sweet little art card. A great gift for a friend or yourself to help to remind us that we ALL serve PURPOSE and all days are A Day To Remember. The card is made using a reproduction digital print (printed on glossy laser paper with a laser color printer). Inside is a special surprise (handmade one of a kind painted and varnished collage strip signed by me). The fibers used have a slight gold shimmer to remind you that in deed this is an Art Memory piece from your artist friend at Alchemy: discovering, exploring, enjoying.

~ Sandra

Here is the latest listing at my Etsy shop. An art card titled "Purpose".

Making Some Discoveries

Yesterday I had the pleasure to reintroduce myself to Mitch Lyons. I first met Mitch a couple of weeks ago at the annual PA Guild of Craftsmen Fair held in my hometown of Lancaster, PA. If you have never attended this arts and crafts fair... IT IS A MUST... I encourage you to visit the PA Guild of Craftsmen website and mark your calendars. I also highly recommend visiting Mitch's website you will not be disappointed! Mitch is a master at making clay monoprints. YES I said CLAY!! I had never heard of such a thing and Mitch informed me "it's because I invented it". Thanks for sharing Mitch! God Bless.

1.Colored slip is added to the leather hard clay slab.
Until you are able to make your own personal pilgrimage to PA to visit Mitch enjoy these photos I took yesterday (with Mitch's approval of course) which captures the intricate, beautiful, monoprinting demonstration Mitch so graciously presented at his home art studio located in New London, PA.

2. Introducing more color by sifting in chalk and pastels.

Mitch is planning to hold a two day weekend workshop in April 2012 and I am already saving my pennies to make sure I am there!  See his website for details. If you are not able to visit his studio he does sell DVDs on his art making process. Either way his artwork and process are so inspiring and captivating you will not be satisfied with just one peek at his website you will want to meet him in person - he is planning to host some traveling workshops and he is open to doing one day demonstrations.

NOTE: I have added my personal captions to these photos but to read how Mitch explains his clay monoprinting process in details click on this link.

3. Getting ready to make a monoprint.

As I stood next to Mitch yesterday I could not help but to be re energized about the art making process and re discovering the joy it brings me. Mitch is just what I needed to boost up my creative spirits and I left eager to jump into my little attic art studio to explore what my own emerging art journey had to offer.

4. Creating a charge with a brayer (Mitch said "it's a pizza roller").
I am so blessed to live so close to such remarkable artists like Mitch who have been making art for over 40 years; yet Mitch still holds the enthusiasm of a mindful artist discovering his pleasure in art making for the first time.  THANK YOU, Mitch for sharing your love of art making, answering all of my "Curious Girl" questions and I look forward to revisiting your studio in April for your weekend workshop.

As for the fruits of my labor upon my return from visiting with Mitch see the pictures below of the fun I had creating and exploring my own recipes for making an original mixed media collage art project.

~ Sandra

The elements: a recycled iPhone box I painted with white gesso, my hand painted mixed media papers, and a laser copy of an old fashion hand plow (the plow image shows up in other artwork I'm currently creating inspired by my summer volunteering at my local CSA at the Lancaster Farmacy). I miss the farm.

Close up of the hand painted papers adhered to the substrate using Golden Soft Gel Matte Medium with some additional handmade markings layered on using a Faber-Castell watercolor pencil (black).

Adding on additional hand painted paper (remains from another project - nothing goes to waste). I just let the negative shapes created by the cutouts dictate the orientation of the layout. 

Front view of the piece thus far. I love how you can still see some of the Apple wordage seeping through the gesso.

Close up of the overlaying papers and the texture they create.

The final piece with the hand plow image added on using a gel medium transfer.

Defining the size: 3-1/4 x 5-1/2 inches.

"Winter PLOW" mixed media collage

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mixed Media Success - Just Follow Your Art!

I just made a big leap this week! I gave up my fear and listed  my Art Memories Scrapbook Album on sale at my Etsy shop.
If you've been following my blog you are aware of my issues with letting go of my original artwork. I started off by participating in an ATC card swap with the lovely Lenna Andrews at the Creative Swaps blog site (a great place to start - the exchange of ATCs was wonderful).
Then I ventured into giving close friends and family my artwork as gifts. Again a good place to start to experience "letting go" and it also provides you visiting rights because you know who the new art owners are :-)

Finally in late November I made a BIG SPLASH and opened my first every online shop - My Alchemydee Etsy Shop. With great encouragement from my online art community I DID IT! Thus, far its been quite nice (I even made two sales during the Thanksgiving weekend. SUPER!!
 Yet, when I looked back at my Etsy listings I saw I was still playing it a bit safe with offering only prints and small original ATC cards for sale on Etsy. So I started to ask myself why the fear to LET GO!

Here is the concern - I get so invested in the creation of each project that once it's complete I don't want to send it into the world. It is more then a cute, pretty, or beautiful piece of artwork to me, it's my ART MEMORIES that I am sending out for sale. For me my art making is an art therapy session wrapped in transformation surprises of a better understanding of who I am, my purpose, my spirit, my life journey. So once I've come to a point of being "done" I take great pride and comfort at viewing the original art and having it near me; almost like a safety blanket. It's like a fear of "out of sight out of mind" if I don't see it I will forget that part of my journey and I will fall back to old habits and views I'm trying to change in my life.

I NEED TO HAVE FAITH - in the journey which has been placed in front of me. For my journey is God driven and its when I allow my flesh and mind to lead my pathways that is when the fear creeps in. Easier said then done. Blogging helps me to work through these concerns.

But indeed if I opened an Etsy shop to help add to my income then why do I hesitate to list my original art for sale and instead keep them stored away taking up space in my tiny attic art studio on my bookshelves or on my work area (do not recommend this because many accidents can occur causing unexpected glue, paint or cutting knife to find your little art gems and alter them unexpectedly)?

I was struggling with these questions this week and after reading an update from Cloth, Paper, Scissors this morning (I receive weekly email updates) I figured I would open up my questions and concerns to my art community. Have you been here (selling your art is not the same as selling baked goods)... just attended a PTO meeting last night for my job where parents spent about a half hour unsure of what baked goods to sell for a future fundraiser and how much care they took in the details of what to sell, how many, for what price value. I sat there thinking 'these are store bought cookies they are struggling over - how attached would they be if it were homemade cookies'?

Handmade is a beautiful way to go but it does require a lot from the artist when preparing the listing details; especially what ARTWORK will be listed. I respect all the beautiful Handmade artwork I see advertised for sale online at Etsy and all the artists who share their Art Memories with the world.

God Bless and if you're looking to go holiday shopping or just want to view some brave artists revealing their artist soul. Please start by shopping Etsy first before going to your local mall.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inching in some quality time with family and art!

Downtown Lancaster, PA on Friday for the annual Mayor's Tree Lighting event.
I love living in Lancaster, PA! Where else can you greet Santa Claus with free Egg Nog and Apple Cider at the local Marriott Hotel, take in a tree lighting and community sing-along of holiday tunes with the town's local brass band, do a little window shopping in 100 year old downtown shops and local Central Farmer's Market and end it all by trying out some of the new wooden toys at the local TellUs360 shop. My mother, sister-in-law, niece and I inched our way through large crowds on Friday evening at the annual Mayor's Tree Lighting Event. If you're ever in PA you must come visit Lancaster, a gem of a town;-)


Amelia and Jessica share some mother daughter time.

Three generations of Granthon girls take a photo.

My mother and I stop for a photo (tons of people behind us).

Checking out the goods at the local Central Farmer's Market.

Amelia doing a balancing act at TellUs360 in downtown Lancaster, PA.

I was also able to inch in some art time this weekend. Look at these sweet little collage inches I just started. LOVE THEM ;-)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow artists! May you enjoy in a wonderful day spent visiting with family and friends and of course enjoying yummy homemade dinners. After you're done eating and you're ready to start your holiday shopping early before Black Friday feel free to visit my Etsy shop where you will find handmade art ready to be delivered to you or a friend as a gift. And to show my gratitude for all your support and love starting right now until Monday, November 28th midnight Eastern time ALL my items are FREE Worldwide SHIPPING! For the love I've received has come worldwide. God Bless and much love.

4x6 Original Print of "Amongst Friends" now available at my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 Square Owls on the run - find out how to catch one

click here to learn how to win this sweet artwork
 Little Red Henry just opened her Etsy shop - to learn more about her Black Friday give-away start by clicking on the sweet square owl.


Somerset Studio published artist - Alicia Hayes (ART CONTEST)

CONTEST .. Competition ... Free Gift to LUCKY Winners!

 "What would life be if we had
no courage to attempt anything?"
Vincent van Gogh

I first was introduced to Alicia's beautiful artwork in the Somerset Studio magazine July/August 2011 publication (saved my pretty pennies to buy this one after many in store glances). Little did I know then that one morning by pure luck I would be drawn to her beautiful artwork again through her Etsy shop Alicia Art Shop and with more curiousity lead to her blog where I've come to discover taht that very image that first drew me to her was now up for grabs in a holiday contest for Thanksgiving. Of course I entered quite quickly and could not help but to share the GOOD NEWS with all of my blogger friends.

Good luck and I'm crossing my fingers ;-)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

MY Etsy Shop is OPEN!

My Etsy Shop Banner:

God Bless this day - the official opening of my Etsy shop online.
I DID IT! Small; starting with 5 listings but plan to add more every week so please feel free to browse and share with your friends. It's been a lot of work to take quality photos, create a shop banner, and all the details that go into opening up an online shop. Stacy was correct, it does take a lot of work when you want to do something with PRIDE.

Thanks to Stacy, Robin, Maggie, and all my followers (readers) for all your support throughout my blogging months and I look forward to blogging and sharing with the coming weeks new artwork and art experiences. Happy Holidays everyone - there is much to be grateful for on this up and coming Thanksgiving Holiday.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Something to DISCOVER

Something to discover and enjoy;-) 

Here is a website that reminds us how creative spirits are discovering how to share their gifts of art for healing.

To read the back story behind this post click on 1. Discovering page and happy reading.

Enjoy ;-)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tea Party time ...

Here is a "pretty book" I created inspired by the video posts of Mystele. I promise you after you visit Mystele's blog site you will find new purpose in everything 'used' in your environment and want to try your hand at creating your own "pretty book" and if you do please share with pictures!


Front cover "Tea Party" 5.5 inches squared handmade book made out of recycled papers, bags, cardboard and fabric.

Overview photo of "Tea Party" with pulled inserts ready for photos, your favorite recipes or just a kind message or note to share with your favorite person.


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