Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Purpose" Art Card

So after having fun making the "Winter PLOW" mixed media project last night I also got a second wind and made this sweet little art card. A great gift for a friend or yourself to help to remind us that we ALL serve PURPOSE and all days are A Day To Remember. The card is made using a reproduction digital print (printed on glossy laser paper with a laser color printer). Inside is a special surprise (handmade one of a kind painted and varnished collage strip signed by me). The fibers used have a slight gold shimmer to remind you that in deed this is an Art Memory piece from your artist friend at Alchemy: discovering, exploring, enjoying.

~ Sandra

Here is the latest listing at my Etsy shop. An art card titled "Purpose".


  1. Very cool Sandra! You are so talented and imaginative!

  2. Thanks, Robin! I plan to make more - its a fun way of letting go of the stress of making art for sale while still keeping a handmade one of a kind approach to the process. The image is a reproduction print of my original art and all the added items are created and layered by hand (the little surprise inside is a way to share those small little gems that are remembrances of my original collage artwork). I was just so inspired by Mitch the artist I visited on Saturday. I shared with him my concerns and my Friday post details about letting go of the art I make. He is a wise man who has been creating art more years then I've been alive and he said "art is healing" his approach to creating art is to allow art to come together in an organic natural way and as far as being archival and all that jazz he said its okay to allow things to decay and decompose... he said he's embracing the idea of change and aging - the alchemy of making art. I HAD A HUGE SMILE. I told him "you had me at Alchemy". I am going to try to keep that art memory with me as long as I can and just keep making art.

  3. I love this Sandra and your one down below too. And I also love the artist you featured (mitch lyons)--what an inspiration!!
    I've already visited his website--Thank you for introducing him to us--must have been an excellent art show!

  4. Hi Sandra. Sorry for not being around. I lost my father in Nov and since than I haven't had much interest in blogging or creating for that matter. I am slowly trying to come back to my "happy" and re-discover my creativity. It's easier than it sounds.

    I am so happy to see your work again. It's beautiful and inspiring as always. I look forward to seeing your future creations!


  5. @MaggieMaggie, so sorry to hear of your father's passing. You are in my prayers. I just commented on your blog on your lovely art. I too find that when words and tears run out only art can communicate the emotions within me and also release any hurt, grief, and life questions buried within. I would love to send you an art gift to aid in your healing please email me at so we can connect. I could not find a private email for you on your blog or else I would of corresponded in that fashion. If you would rather not share your information that is okay too I will not be offended ;-). Either way I know how much love I feel for my father, as you must have for yours, and thus I send you much positive energy, prayers and blog friendly support your way. God bless, ~ Sandra

  6. @DianeThanks Diane! I am so glad you enjoyed visiting Mitch's website. He is a character. I plan to share photos in April when I take his weekend workshop. Can't wait! Hope your holiday has been blessed and I look forward to sharing new artwork in 2012!

  7. Oh Sandra, Thank you for your beautiful and kind words both here and on my blog. You are truly amazing and I would be so blessed to receive something from such a wonderful person. Truly I am thankful.

    I will email you shortly.

    Big Hugs back,



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