Thursday, August 21, 2014

Heart of Worship

Artwork by Jerenis, age 11 (DO SOMETHING CLUB leader) collage heart used to create prayer cards for Children's Ministry Sunday School - Imparting Grace Ministry at Restoration in Christ Church, Mount Joy, PA. August 2014 theme is HEART OF WORSHIP. The lesson for August 17th was on the Holy Wedding.

This past Saturday the leaders of the DO SOMETHING CLUB created beautiful collage hearts. We spoke about Psalm 100
and how God wants us each to praise and worship our Savior Jesus Christ. For through his actions of love we were all saved. He gave His life on the cross so we may all be forgiven from our sins and have a personal relationship with our creator, GOD.

To have a personal one-to-one relationship with God is the act of WORSHIP. When we praise we celebrate with our voices, our hands, and feet and make a joyful sound to the Lord. But when we worship we do this on a one-to-one connection. YOU & GOD. This is done when we pray and mediate on the words of scripture, when we pray directly to Him and share all that our heart has to offer.

The more we read scripture and meditate on the truth the more our heart grows with spiritual strength. The more we pray and give thanks, and ask for forgiveness for our sins of the flesh (for we are all a work in progress... we are still in the PROCESS OF BECOMING); the more God reveals our purpose in life.

We want to fill our heart with love, peace, joy, truth, forgiveness, faith, trust, and all things worthy of our Lord. Leave no room for the enemy to take up shelter.

We want to be ready because Christ is coming to receive his bride, the church. The holy wedding is an event meant for all who have their eyes on Jesus and their hearts full of worship for God. For God created Jesus and us. For He loved us most!

Blessings ~ Sandra
(Mentor to the DO SOMETHING CLUB Leaders: Jerenis, Ryan, Justin, Yaneiris, Kayloni, Sasha, and Anthony)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

God Sends Special Messengers

Bookmarker size 3 x 8.5 inches (free to download and share)

A is for Angel

God Sends Special Messengers
{ Luke 1: 28, 30-31 }

28 The angel came to her and said
“Greetings! The Lord has blessed
you and is with you.”

30 The angel said to her, “Don’t be
afraid, Mary; God has shown you
his grace. 31 Listen! You will become
pregnant and give birth to a son, and
you will name him Jesus.

Exploration Questions:
When an angel delivers God's message to you 
how do you normally respond... with fear, doubt, 
worry? What does God expect for us to do when
he guides us with the angels he places in our life?
What are the consequences of believing or doubting God's message? Are you open to receive his message and live your life upon his will or do you still hold tight that you are in control of your destiny?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Life Learners Know Creativity COUNTS!

If you have ever experienced any change in your life either with your family relationships or friends, or at your job you are very aware that CREATIVITY COUNTS! It takes creativity to have a positive transformation experience. God created us to be creative beings. But of course it takes WORK and practice. Much, much practice to come up with a variety of problem solving solutions that can be agreeable to more then one person. Making art is a process that has helped me to keep my creativity alive. It has helped me think outside the box when working in community collaborative projects and it has also helped me when keeping my household happy with dinner recipes that are sure not to bore the Foodies in my life. Variety is key and change, transformation should not be feared or even worse IGNORED. 

 Mainstream society would have you believe that creativity stops after elementary school or at best when you are done with a formal educational engagement (high school, college, etc...). YES, Creativity is as important in education as literacy but let's not stop there. WE ARE TO BE LIFE LEARNERS not just formal brick and mortar learners. This means that we never stop learning, or thriving to learn more, to be creative, to overflow our artist tool belts with tools for how to make positive changes in our lives and in our world. 

It has been my life experience that by keeping my creative mind active (by art journaling, painting, drawing, making STUFF...) I keep my my brain in a healthy function tapping into my Art Memories for resources and exploring the lively world around me for inspiration. We do not live in a vacuum nor create in one, thus why I became a blogger and follow other bloggers. 

I salute all the men and women who feed their creativity. More I SALUTE those who use it for the good of  humanity. God bless ~ Sandra

Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters"

Friday, July 25, 2014


Years ago I prayed to God and asked him the question.. what are my "gifts, my blessings from you?". How should I use those blessings? God has been good to me and answered my prayers through the creation of my art ministry (Alchemy: Art Memories) and as of a year ago lead me to serve on the ministry team of Ministry Minjah Elohim as the Webpage Graphic Designer. My husband serves as the Treasurer. What a blessing this call to action has provided me. My personal relationship with God has grown tremendously and I see no end in sight. Only new adventures to discover, explore and enjoy for the GLORY OF GOD. Below is the something new God has called me to be involved in. ENJOY ~ Sandra


The DO SOMETHING CLUB is a group created to share how families, friends and communities share God's message of Love to empower the little children to come closer to the kingdom of heaven. We are nurturing the next generation of disciples to continue where Jesus left off - to fore fill the Great Commission.

Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you."

Group theme is ... DO SOMETHING! 

Question: What are you doing to show God's love to the little children in your life? All acts of love count.. from a hug, a kiss, to reading the bible and praying together and teaching your child how to say grace before a meal, how to ride a bike or clean their room... we are blessed with the time God provides us. How are you using that time to glorify and honor his name in the heart of a child? Please share your stories, pictures, videos here on our facebook group page. When we unite as a body of the church and share our stories of victory we bear good fruit and build his kingdom. God bless ~ MME Team

A child's prayer postcard. A reminder of what God wants children TO DO. Print size is 5x7 inches.

Share God's blessings. Please download and print this sweet postcard size reminder that GOD is calling you to DO SOMETHING to build a heart of worship in the life of a child. Post it at home in your child's room, in your kitchen, at your church youth room or anywhere children gather in your community. Better yet, give it to a child to invite them to have a relationship with God and learn about Jesus. When you do please take a  photo of what you did with it and share it here

God bless ~ MME Team

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Digital Art Collage

Digital Art Collage created using original handmade doodles, monoprint, and vintage scanned wallpaper. Three layers created using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Time to Change Your Mind

I love this bible verse: Romans 12:2. It speaks of change and transformation. God changed my mind and transformed my heart one early morning in the summer of 2011. I was experiencing a second job layoff a year after being laid off from a 3 yr grant contract. 

The first layoff was a shocker (since age 16 I had never been without a job; in college I had 3 jobs... so being unemployed was an overwhelming concept to me). Needless to say I went through a great depression during the first layoff experience. I did not have a strong relationship with God at the time. Oh yeah, I was a praying woman - I was raised Catholic and believed in the father, the son, and the holy spirit. So I prayed. But I was not a Christian; I had not yet handed over my life to Christ and so my mind still belonged to ME and the WORLD. 

The time I spent the summer of  2010 was pretty much sad and wasted. I did very little except trying to find a job that I thought I needed to be in. When you pilot your own plane without a parachute or a pilot's license the outcome is inevitable... you are going to crash and it will hurt! So that summer I trusted no one, not myself, not my former employer to get me a new contract and worst of all not God. 

It was by God's grace and mercy that in the month of September 2010 I received a phone call to ask if I was interested in applying for a new position with a new agency under a new government grant. I immediately said yes and I preceded to do what I needed to do to land the job. 

So I became "happy" again. I was employed and gave thanks to my professional skill abilities for landing a new contract. The job went well but it felt a bit hollow...what was missing? I began to ask some very strong personal questions of myself in my prayer time with God. Why was I still not authentically satisfied? I had a job, there was money to pay the mortgage. What had I missed in my planning? I seeked counsel from my church pastor, family and friends. All good resources but I'd yet to understand that I needed to submit and seek counsel from the one who created me. GOD!

In May of 2011 I was informed of the second layoff. I was told by my employer to be hopeful that a new grant would appear in the fall just as last year. By now I was praying more to God, I was speaking more with him and he had given me gifts of creating art with my hands. In my home attic art studio I surrendered myself to God. To tell  him of my fears, my needs, my anxieties and emotional strains of the uncontrollable situations the world presented me. Of course he knew all that my heart unveiled for he knew me before I was born and he created me. But my Father wanted me to speak the words to him; for me to confess my heart's weakness and to declare that I am not in control, I do not live my life for me, that I need Him to lead me so that I may live my authentic life - the life he created me to live. God was good. He was my autopilot. 

Nothing shall I fear when I have God on my side. When the holy spirit is housed in me.

This was the creation of ALCHEMY. A friend asked me what is alchemy? I said a gift from God; a metaphor for living my life in grace, in transformation, to do something (work) to glorify and honor God. 

July 1, 2011 I created this blog and Alchemy: discovering, exploring, enjoying is the gift God provided me to share with the world. Here is the first blog post. 

The summer of 2011 I spent it in my attic studio praying and talking to God; creating art and sharing it on this blog. I met a lot of wonderful women that summer; many who were suffering from health or unemployment concerns and we bonded through the process of creating art. Just as God had promised I discovered who was out there, like me who needed healing, how to share my Godly gifts with them and them with me. I explored the strengthens God provided me by reading bible verses and I enjoyed the summer sharing God's love and was once again blessed by God in September 2011 with a new grant contract. This time the contract was for three years. God had shown me his mercy and directed my pathways. 

Here I am today and I will experience my third job layoff on June 30th but I will be still and let God be in control. I am grateful for where he has lead me and my faith walk will continue with him as my leader. I had a very nice compliment the other day at a grant partner meeting. When I announced that my job would end next Monday; the reaction was commendable on my grace in character since layoffs are not desirable yet my actions were calm and of joy. I replied that God was leading me. 

This July 2014 God is leading me to host the first Alchemy (home studio) Christian Art Classes for children. 
Thank you Lord for your leadership. May I never conform to the wants of this world but be lead by your mercy and grace. Direct me for I seek you. 

~ Sandra

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Create!!!.. to share the power of God's love.

Alchemy is a faith focused social enterprise, a gift from God. Created to share the power of God’s grace to transform a life. Promotes empathy, social-emotional connection, teamwork, and creative problem-solving to serve the good of humanity; to encourage the development of changemakers for social impact. To glorify and honor God.

Alchemy instructs faith based art workshops for youth and adults. Alchemy sells upcycled furniture, home decor, handmade (art, books, crafts) and offers custom upholstery to sustain free or low cost faith focused educational creative programs. To study the scripture of the bible and learn how God’s grace; gift for life can impact humanity. To go beyond doing “good works” to praise the one who empowers our efforts in life.

Blessings, Sandra Granthon-Roman (owner/founder)

Alchemy is currently offering a Mixed Media Workshop: Mini Works of Art see details below.

To get registration forms click on this link:

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