Friday, January 29, 2016

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am GOD.

God has been so good to me. He gave me an art ministry that brings me spiritual freshness. 
When I rise in the morning I trust in the Lord who has prepared the day for me. The seeds have been planted and are growing according to the power of the Holy Spirit that guides my pathways. Seeking the will of God as my teacher I surrender to Him and kneel, with folded hands, my eyes on Him only. He is the Savior that I cannot see in flesh but I put my trust in the abstract, the spiritual, and believe He is a living God that desires a personal relationship with me. My prayers are heard in the oneness I experience when I am STILL in the presence of my God.

I have the pleasure to lead an art ministry called DO SOMETHING CLUB it's a free bible/art study club for kids 5-10 years of age. For right now the class in only for kiddos who's parents are enrolled in the adult bible courses lead in our church. We have been meeting for over 2 years and this would be our last year since the parents are due to graduate from their class in Summer of 2016. We have an average of 6 kids that attend. We meet every Saturday from 9-12pm at Restoration In Christ Church (my home church in Mt. Joy, PA). I would like to share the happenings of the month of January 2016.

Psalm 46:10 
Be Still and Know I am GOD.
Philippians 4:6-7
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 

 Bible Lesson Card (click on image for original site source).

In the month of January 2016 the kids and I have been learning more about what it is to live in PEACE. We have been focused on the FRUIT OF PEACE. 

It all begins with Psalm 46:10 Be Still and Know That I am GOD. We have put into practice how to prepare our "wiggly" bodies to be still so we may grow in our conversations with God - Our prayer life. We talked about the word ANXIOUS and how it is an energy within us that alerts our bodies to move, our nervous system to eject motion in our arms to swing, our feet to stomp, sometimes our hands to hit. We call this negative energy - ANXIOUS energy lead by the enemy when we're hurt, mad, or angry. We also spoke about the energy that comes when we're happy, joyful; a positive ANXIOUSNESS. Like a little girl unsure if she will get a birthday party because she's not heard anyone speak of it. Again this energy although we think of it as a positive energy because we are excited about blessings to come; if not lead by God could lead us to outcomes of bursts of uncontrolled actions. Potential actions that could hurt ourselves or others. So we asked the question...What should we do when we feel ANXIOUS?

Our answer in Do Something Club is to allow God to work it out in us through the process of making art. Not just any style of art - Realist style of making art can be judgmental and lead to finger pointing or boasting of our skills. In Do Something Club we turn to the style of Abstract art making because it allows us to leave "the real world behind". It prepares our hearts for the abstract - the unseen,unfamiliar, the unexplainable. We begin to learn to trust God to guide our hands and minds to create art forms lead by spiritual freshness. 

Spiritual freshness comes when we are ONE in the Holy Spirit, with God. We take all that energy (ANXIOUSNESS) in our bodies and surrender it to God - first in art making then in prayer. You might ask why not straight to prayer? Why make art first?

It has been my saving grace; my art practice in the last couple of years given to me by God on how to deal with the craziness of the real world. When I would go to God with my real world list of hurt, disappointments, wish list of changes I desired. I found that my conversations with God were shallow. I has structured out the conversation with so much detail on how I wanted things that I did not allow room for God to create the changes he wanted for me. Thus, I discovered that I was not being STILL for God. My prayer time was there but I was doing all the talking and none of the listening. 

My flesh would build up with anxiety and anxiousness of the unknown and then God spoke to me and said BE me that came in the form of making ART. This is what God revealed to me and why I teach making art to prepare yourself to create with God. Yes, God wants to have you take action, that's why he CREATED YOU, but he wants to co-create with you; hear your heart's desires and then reveal to you His will for those desires in your life. When I became STILL in my prayer life I discovered it was okay, I was at PEACE to praise God at all times. This is my testimony that I shared with the kids.

I explained the process of making art allows us to use that energy to move our hands/bodies to make artwork that releases our mindset to prepare for a conversation with God. God then has the final say on what path we will take in our faith walk. God will bring us the peace we desire so we can walk in uncertainity and yet still smile, praising God and giving him full control. 

Our art inspiration for January is the abstract art by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. Here is the image that inspired the kid's energy motions in art making. Guided in the art elements of drawing and painting lines, shapes, and basic color theory using primary and secondary colors. 

For more images and to see the kids final abstract artwork click here for the DSC Facebook page.

The practice of making art is the process of the Alchemy (transformation) from sin to things Godly. Changing our minds, our hearts; to forgive, forget and move forward with God's WORK. We are His works of art. We trust in God to lead us in faith; by the things we do not see but we hope for - the victory.

Peace & Love,

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