Friday, December 2, 2011

Mixed Media Success - Just Follow Your Art!

I just made a big leap this week! I gave up my fear and listed  my Art Memories Scrapbook Album on sale at my Etsy shop.
If you've been following my blog you are aware of my issues with letting go of my original artwork. I started off by participating in an ATC card swap with the lovely Lenna Andrews at the Creative Swaps blog site (a great place to start - the exchange of ATCs was wonderful).
Then I ventured into giving close friends and family my artwork as gifts. Again a good place to start to experience "letting go" and it also provides you visiting rights because you know who the new art owners are :-)

Finally in late November I made a BIG SPLASH and opened my first every online shop - My Alchemydee Etsy Shop. With great encouragement from my online art community I DID IT! Thus, far its been quite nice (I even made two sales during the Thanksgiving weekend. SUPER!!
 Yet, when I looked back at my Etsy listings I saw I was still playing it a bit safe with offering only prints and small original ATC cards for sale on Etsy. So I started to ask myself why the fear to LET GO!

Here is the concern - I get so invested in the creation of each project that once it's complete I don't want to send it into the world. It is more then a cute, pretty, or beautiful piece of artwork to me, it's my ART MEMORIES that I am sending out for sale. For me my art making is an art therapy session wrapped in transformation surprises of a better understanding of who I am, my purpose, my spirit, my life journey. So once I've come to a point of being "done" I take great pride and comfort at viewing the original art and having it near me; almost like a safety blanket. It's like a fear of "out of sight out of mind" if I don't see it I will forget that part of my journey and I will fall back to old habits and views I'm trying to change in my life.

I NEED TO HAVE FAITH - in the journey which has been placed in front of me. For my journey is God driven and its when I allow my flesh and mind to lead my pathways that is when the fear creeps in. Easier said then done. Blogging helps me to work through these concerns.

But indeed if I opened an Etsy shop to help add to my income then why do I hesitate to list my original art for sale and instead keep them stored away taking up space in my tiny attic art studio on my bookshelves or on my work area (do not recommend this because many accidents can occur causing unexpected glue, paint or cutting knife to find your little art gems and alter them unexpectedly)?

I was struggling with these questions this week and after reading an update from Cloth, Paper, Scissors this morning (I receive weekly email updates) I figured I would open up my questions and concerns to my art community. Have you been here (selling your art is not the same as selling baked goods)... just attended a PTO meeting last night for my job where parents spent about a half hour unsure of what baked goods to sell for a future fundraiser and how much care they took in the details of what to sell, how many, for what price value. I sat there thinking 'these are store bought cookies they are struggling over - how attached would they be if it were homemade cookies'?

Handmade is a beautiful way to go but it does require a lot from the artist when preparing the listing details; especially what ARTWORK will be listed. I respect all the beautiful Handmade artwork I see advertised for sale online at Etsy and all the artists who share their Art Memories with the world.

God Bless and if you're looking to go holiday shopping or just want to view some brave artists revealing their artist soul. Please start by shopping Etsy first before going to your local mall.



  1. I just read your "how attached would they be if they were homemade cookies" and I laughed outloud... I looked like a nut because I'm alone. But yes, selling your ART is very different than selling baked goods. There are some pieces that I do not list because they were a first of some series, or published, or my girls have taken them over, but I do list others. I look at it like this.. I enjoy the process too much to keep all of my art (space issues for sure) and it is such a thrill when someone appreciates it like you do and makes a purchase. I hope you have a happy creative weekend ~Alicia♥

  2. Thank You, Alicia! I get so nervous about the whole process. I know there must be a balance in what you share for free, sell, and keep as family herilooms but being new to this world of selling art I get confused and over protected. Thanks for your words of wisdom - I consider you a mentor and I look forward to all I have to learn from you and many of my other artist family. thanks for sharing. ~ Sandra

  3. What a great post Sandra. I think most artists must go through this. I know that it is much easier for me to give an original away to someone I know than to put a price tag on something that came from my heart out into the world. But God has given us each our own gifts and talents to share with the world and like you said, your art is God driven and the world is a little more beautiful with your spirit out there! Keep on creating and I admire your honesty and your leap of faith!!!!

  4. Thanks Robin! I am so blessed to have such great support online and in my PA community. For my friends in PA they know how I function and how I both get inspired by all the questions and concerns in my head and heart when it deals with my art making and yet also how stressed it makes me. They also know (or at least I hope they know LOL) after the dust clears and I've gone to my place of worship and left my ego behind I eventually do find solace and comfort in the pathways provided to me. God Bless and happy art making to you and all.
    ~ Sandra



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