Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flowers for a Friend

I had the honor of receiving a beautiful ATC card from Rasz over the Labor Day weekend. She's been a God sent since I started my blog; providing me support and inspiration through her blog posts and personal emails. We decided to do an ATC swap. Check out the "Flowers for a Friend" ATC card she created along with the coordinating envelope. Thanks Rasz! I love it!

"Flowers for a Friend" ATC swap with Rasz

My niece saw it displayed in my art studio on Monday and was tickled with the idea that grown-ups can still PLAY... she made an ATC titled "BFF: always together" to give to her BFF at school. I love it when we can influence the next generation.



  1. Sandra, Rasz ATC is beautiful. It's also very special that you are inspiring and showing your niece that even adults can play and be creative. She is a lucky girl to have you in her life. (Your both lucky) :)

  2. Thank you Sandra for the special inspiration, encouragement & friendship you have brought to my life! Wouldn't it be fun to get a bigger ATC swap going with all our blogger friends?

    I am so tickled to hear your niece is now creating art! Good for her! And she will give the ATC to her BFF which may encourage her friend...and the ripple travels outward! I agree with Maggie, you are both lucky to have each other!!!

  3. I love the aceo Rasz made for you! And, I am happy she has introduced us ;o) I will e-mail hopefully soon back to you Sandra! It's been a busy day ;o) Take Care.

  4. This is a cool post & I came via Stacy at MagicLoveCrow :) Hey & in Australia it's Sept 8 soooooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  5. @Sunshineshelle
    WOW! Thanks so much for all the great comments ladies and the Australia Birthday SHOUT OUT! Yeah!! Its 12:30pm here in Lancaster, PA USA so I'm officially 39yrs-old. Go 39ers :-) I still have energy to stay up past midnight on a school night LOL.

    Maggie, glad you liked the ATC... if you'd like to get in on a future ATC swap with Rasz and myself just let us know. We haven't setup any details for a future swap so if you have a suggestion for the month of October let us know. I'd have to skip September because there's so much going on right now.

    Rasz, I love the idea of including more people on an ATC swap... so for anyone reading this reply and interested please leave a comment. Rasz, are you up for an October swap? Any theme suggestions? Oh, and my niece told me today that she showed her ATC card to her art teacher and has been asked to teach the other kids in her class how to create an ATC so they can officially do an all class ATC swap. Isn't that great! You should of seen her face - smiling from ear to ear... she loves playing teacher;-)

    Stacy, I am so glad to get to know you as well (your crow art is magical - it makes me smile) and I look forward to your email.

    My Australian friend so glad to have you here and my one birthday wish would be to visit your beautiful country one day.

    What a great way to start my birthday - thanks ladies again for your lovely comments and well wishes.

    Enjoy this beautiful Thursday morning. Sandra

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous such beautiful colour and design. Love to see gorgeous creative swaps
    I am just back from my hols and am having a digital collage sheet giveaway myself.Please pop by and help yourself to it and see my holiday snaps
    hugs June x

  7. @Dezinaworld Thanks for stopping by from Creative Swaps, I just posted a comment at your blog and Creative Swaps. If you like this friend atc swap you should stop by Rasz's blog site (I created a direct link in the original posting) she's doing some great things with her art.

  8. Hi Sandra, i shall do that. these days with all my work at Dezinaworld i dont tend to get involved in swaps anymore, i still create them when i get time though.
    Thanks for your lovely comment and for following
    have a fantastic day my lovely friend
    hugs June xxxxx

  9. Dear Sandra, thank you for entering my giveaway and for your lovely message!! Its so nice to hear that your mum loves Angels. The swap looks like fun and your card from Rasz looks really pretty!!



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