Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life on the Mountain

"mountain series" set of three mixed media 2.x 2 inches on handmade paper.
Here are three of the many small mixed media projects I have been working on the last two weeks. I have been exploring my abstract visual mind as I was working through some life questions and where it lead me was to this quiet mountain site to meditate and breath gently as I explored my feelings of fear of the unknown through my art.

"I've learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it."

This quote touched the true meaning behind what I was feeling as I introduced paint to paper (pushing and pulling paint on and off the delicate handmade paper until my mind was calm and my body said it was time to rest). I made this paper years ago and rediscovered it in my studio just last week. 



  1. Hi Sandra, what a beautiful mountain series! It has a meditative and poetic quality. Love the quote too and the reminder that its the journey that counts not the destination. Wini xo

  2. Beautiful Sandra! We all have fears and things we have to work through! That's why its's important to smile and go for it ;o) I just wish I could stop biting my nails! LOL!

  3. Your work shows that you follow your heart.

  4. This is truly beautiful. Your art and what you create is so real. Love the quote. Keep on inspiring me!

  5. @Maggie OMG! What a nice stream of comments. Thanks ladies.. you guys ROCK big time!! You have lifted me up. I've been doing a lot of NON ART related things the past couple of days to get ready to start my full time job again. Was suppose to start this past Wed. now it looks like it will be Monday. I CAN'T WAIT!! I manage the after school programing for a local elementary school I work for through a community school grant funded by the gov't so you know how that goes... thus, my summer layoff and now my later return back to my school site. But I am loving planning the return back to my school. I SO MISS THE KIDS and the STAFF and Leadership at my school are A++.

    Thank you so much for your support all this summer encouraging me to continue with my blog journey and my future opening of an Etsy shop by January (that's the plan anyway)I'm starting small;-)

    Thanks Stacy for helping me out with that behind the scenes with personal emails. I do not know what I would be doing with myself if not for my online art community to keep my art spirit alive!!


  6. Wonderful discovery wasn't it! Your handmade paper with your painting is amazing. I love the the quote and also how you share using your creativity to work through your own fears. I think we all struggle with our fears and you have given a perfect suggestion on how to work through it instead of being paralyzed by it.

  7. Robin, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your words are comfort to my over worked mind;-)



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