Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everyone deserves a Compliment.

So here are the results of my journey down the path of color theory. I LOVE color: saturated, pulsating, vibrating color that pulls you into the art! Complimentary colors!

 As you can tell my main complimentary study was the relationship between Blue and Orange. Now I will let you know I mixed my own orange- no just squeezing it out of a preprocessed orange acrylic tube here. Also I used fluid acrylics whenever possible to create that watercolor transparency of layers to build up depth. But for an extra punch I did mix in some heavy body acrylics to pick up some texture. I used some of my handmade paper as my base. If you look at the edges of the paper you can see the delicate fibers. I love the texture of the light weight paper. I definitely plan to make more of this type of paper in the future. It was done using the Japanese method for paper making.

Here are some websites I discovered when I went exploring online for a lesson on Color Theory.

This one below is very interactive and great for web designers:



  1. I love bright colours as well! And I love handmade paper too! Beautiful!

  2. Such energy and drama in these exciting paintings!!!

  3. Thanks for the resources! I've been reading a bit up on this same thing. Love your paintings!

  4. Wow! Pretty amazing. I LOVE the first! The layers give a 3 dimentional illusion. Beautiful!!

  5. Absolutely awesome! I know I need to learn more about color. Your post and beautiful paintings have gotten me inspired. I will go out and check out the links. Thank you Sandra!

  6. Just stunning! love, love, love.

    I just love your blog too! I've passed on an award to you in my recent post

    If you wish to pass the award onto blogs you love it's very easy, just copy and paste the image and follow the three conditions in the top of my post.

    Thanks for being fabulous, much love Jenny

  7. Hi Sandra, Its great to see you experimenting and playing with colour! I love bright colours! And its nice that you make your own paper too. Thank you for the link to colourschemedesigner. I have bookmarked it! Wini

  8. Wow these colors just popped out at me. Gorgeous such vibrant colors!

  9. Hello I found you at bloggers and I was wondering if you would like to be art mail penpals on an ongoing basis, I exchange a combo of journals/letters/postcards/packages
    here's photos of my journals
    please let me know THANKS!

  10. Thank you ladies for your kind words which have strengthen my spirit to continue my art journey with more vigor and more energy. I look forward to reconnecting with everyone in the coming days. I am eager to read and see all the beautiful words and images everyone has shared in the past weeks.



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