Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sounds of Peace

So the Labor Day weekend kept me mad busy and yet I still was able to create some new little gems to share. Here are two new ATC cards I made using my hand painted collage papers (canson mixed media 98lb paper) adhered to canson 140lb watercolor paper.

"By The Sea" 3.5 x 2.5 inches ATC mixed media

 This ATC was a lot of fun to create. It went from an abstract to a pulled art seaside view off the shoreline. I just allowed the piece to develop as it wished - every time I looked back on it the seaside story was whispering in my air (waves playfully touching the rock formations insisting I take off my sandals, and take in the peaceful sunset). How could I deny myself such a request.

"Prayer Bell" 3.5 x 2.5 inches ATC mixed media
Thus, it was no surprise to me when my second ATC lead me to draw a beautiful eastern inspired prayer bell that I could envision myself carrying into the dark night's canvas. A soothing sound of meditation accompanying my every footstep as I make my voyage back to my cabin sanctuary.

Slight side view of "Prayer Bell" to show you that it is 3D.

"in medias res" 3 x 3 inches on wood base (mixed media)
In the end the sounds of peace helped carry me in a gentle balance of creating art alongside spending quality time with friends and family on a three day holiday tour. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend.



  1. Sandra...your words are as beautiful as your ATCs.

  2. Hmmmm? not sure what happened to my original comment. Try again. LOL

    Your ATC's are fabulous and I am intrigued by your "Prayer Bell" Amazing how much you can fit on such a small space,

  3. Amazing Aceo's! "By the Sea", is my favourite ;o)

  4. @Magic Love Crow
    Thanks ladies! I'm loving the ATC/ACEO format... small, but powerful ;-)

  5. @Maggie Maggie, just wanted to let you know something must of been going on with blogger between 10 and 11am when you first posted your original comment (I had another person try to leave a comment and it was never posted... blogger error)... sorry about that, but it looks like blogger is working now.



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