Thursday, September 15, 2011

"United" Minimal Art

Here are some ACEOs I created this week inspired by a new group I joined over at International Union of Mail-Artists (IUOMA) called MINIMAL MAIL ART! To see the individual pictures of each ACEO click on the caption below the image and it will open up my Flickr account for you to view the cards up close.

"United" set of 4 ACEO 3.5 x 2.5 inches mixed media collage.
In addition to creating the "united" series I also created two special cards for my new friends at the IUOMA Minimal MAIL ART Group (Carla and Nancy). Click on their names to be redirected to their personal websites. I am very impressed by there artistic talents and look forward to receiving MAIL ART from them both in the future.

"cheerful" mixed media collage

"shining" mixed media collage

On the left you can see the elements of the collage pieces prior to being glued down using an Elmer's glue stick. You can see the hand painted mixed media paper I cut and punched to create the flower elements. I used acyclic paints with a dry brush technique to create the rough textures.

I plan to make more hand painted paper this weekend. So much more fun then just using designer paper... every page is a surprise waiting to be explored.



  1. My absolute favorite is 'Shining'...and 'United' was good until I enlarged the picture and it became GREAT.

  2. @bohemiannie! art Funny! Funny! Now I know why I love receiving comments so much... it keeps me smiling and laughing ;-) Thanks for the pick me up. Can you believe I created all of these pieces using the "trash" leftovers from old art projects... I hate to throw anything away ... diamonds in the rough.

  3. Love them! I'm especially loving the hand painted sheets. Very creative

  4. Sandra, fantastic! I love seeing how you make your aceo's! I love "Shining", but they are all truly great!

  5. @Maggie
    Thanks Maggie, I am really getting into painting my own sheets. I just finished painting some today which I plan to use in my artwork to post for next week. I am now trying to get caught up with my blog viewing this week has been crazy. I will be officially going back to work full time on Wed. Sept 21st.YEAH!! My contract was renewed to go back to my school job. But all the preparation to go back to work has taken up much of my free blog viewing. I plan to continue with my ATC a week posts on my blog and also keep active with comments and exploring all the great artists I follow. I will no longer have time to do the Discovery Wednesday blog but I figure once a week is better then nothing ... especially since I LOVE IT SO Much it has been a God sent to keep my mind sane during my summer layoff. Hope all is well with you - I'm heading over to your blog after this comment to check out what I've been missing.

    Stacy, I will then jump over to your blog site... so much good artwork to view and stories to read;-)

  6. Oh I love the Mail Art! I need to go over and check out the site. Your new ACEOs are really awesome. And the hand made paper is so uniquely creative.

  7. @~Rasz~
    Thanks! It's really a fun new way to express myself.



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