Sunday, October 16, 2011


"This world is but a canvas to our imaginations."
                              ~Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

My canvas has been blank for way too long in a state of "ischemia of the imagination" causing a temporary paralysis of my creative mind. With the restart of my full time contract in late September, working as a Student Family Liaison at a public elementary school in my local community, I have been left brain focused and my physical body is now taking revenge on my cerebral nonsense. Today I awoke to immense pain in my neck and shoulders - mainly on my right side. 

Yup - it was my right side brain working its way through pain spasms to wake up my body to the knowledge that I had gone back on what I had promised I would never do again - neglect my creative spirit. So as I started my day in worship feeding my christian spirit of faith I felt a similar pull to release my anxiety developed from a right brain discarded.

Here is an image of one of the hand printed papers I created right before my lapse. 

"Blue" series 4 x 6 inches Golden fluid acrylic paint.

I felt it only appropriate in true alchemist fashion to start a new venture in my art journey with a transformation of my blog design. I was influenced to create a more interactive abstract blog site with the intent that viewers could discover their joy of preferred reading style (click and hold the text "Magazine" found flushed left under my blog title Alchemy - Art Memories to explore various viewing styles). I am also exploring the feature of adding PAGES to my blog. As of right now I have played with the creation of a page titled "For Sale". This is a holding spot to what will become visual links to my future etsy shop. 

Although I have been out of my studio for some time and not posted anything new the last couple of weeks I am eager and full of joy to have rediscovered the secret to my joy, my love, my art that saves me. Thank you to all my followers and new readers who have continued to leave comments and viewed my site during its dormant stage. Ahhh, I feel the circulation of my imagination beginning to flow.



  1. I've missed you! Everything in it's time.

  2. Thanks! I've missed my art community. Looking to reconnect this weekend. Can't wait to read what you've been up to.

  3. Hi Sandra, I hope you are well. Great to hear that you are still continuing with your art although you have a new contract! Your painting looks very interesting and dynamic!! Congrats on the new look to your blog!! I haven't changed mine yet and am still trying to work out how to navigate the new layouts!! Wini xo

  4. Wini, so nice to hear from you! My artwork is coming along slow but true - today I took part in my first ever LIVE quilt workshop run by my local Quilting Guild. I plan on blogging about it and sharing photos by the end of this weekend. I had such a blast! Glad you like the new blog layout I do have a link titled How To Navigate located on the row under my Alchemy - Art Memories title to assist in the new features. Can't wait to jump over to your blog to read your recent post - I'm sure it will be inspiring as always. Sandra ;-)



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