Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow artists! May you enjoy in a wonderful day spent visiting with family and friends and of course enjoying yummy homemade dinners. After you're done eating and you're ready to start your holiday shopping early before Black Friday feel free to visit my Etsy shop where you will find handmade art ready to be delivered to you or a friend as a gift. And to show my gratitude for all your support and love starting right now until Monday, November 28th midnight Eastern time ALL my items are FREE Worldwide SHIPPING! For the love I've received has come worldwide. God Bless and much love.

4x6 Original Print of "Amongst Friends" now available at my Etsy shop.


  1. Your art is beautiful Sandra--I know you'll do well in your shop--Hope you have a very Happy Holiday season!

  2. Thanks Helen! It was such a great fun time with family. The highlight was my niece reading her note on what she was thankful for. Our family has a tradition of my holding hands lead by a blessing, prayer then we go around the table to share what we are thankful for. Amelia was a bit nervous and asked to go last. When we came around to her turn lots of love and some tears of endearment were already shed but Amelia kept her composure and with her handwritten note in hand she shared how thankful she was to God for her family, her home and her food (she's a foodie). Just when I thought she was going to run down the list of all her favorite meals she surprised us by asking God to bless the people who did not have the same blessings as her and to help all the people who needed help. That was MY holiday gift, just knowing that my nine year old niece understood the meaning of the holiday. Hope your holiday was spent with love.

  3. @DianeThanks Diane, I am enjoying learning all that Etsy has to offer its vendors. As for sale success, I'm waiting for my first buyer but I understand these things take time. Hope your holiday brought you much joy.

  4. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Sandra!

  5. @Magic Love CrowStacy, thanks so much for your holiday well wishes. Hope you enjoyed the holiday as well. I saw that you posted that you'd be away on your blog. Hope you had a relaxing and fun time. Oh, and I sold two items from my Etsy shop! Yeah... I'm still learning but its so much fun. Thanks again for introducing me to the world of Etsy. Hugs, Sandra



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