Sunday, November 20, 2011

MY Etsy Shop is OPEN!

My Etsy Shop Banner:

God Bless this day - the official opening of my Etsy shop online.
I DID IT! Small; starting with 5 listings but plan to add more every week so please feel free to browse and share with your friends. It's been a lot of work to take quality photos, create a shop banner, and all the details that go into opening up an online shop. Stacy was correct, it does take a lot of work when you want to do something with PRIDE.

Thanks to Stacy, Robin, Maggie, and all my followers (readers) for all your support throughout my blogging months and I look forward to blogging and sharing with the coming weeks new artwork and art experiences. Happy Holidays everyone - there is much to be grateful for on this up and coming Thanksgiving Holiday.



  1. And it's beautiful!!!! Way to go girl! I am so happy for you. And you are right, there is so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving week....and I need help with that "taking quality photos" thing :)I'm going to share this tomorrow on my blog.

  2. Yeh, I am so happy for you Sandra!!! Well done ;o))

  3. Thanks ladies, only time will tell how sales will go but either way I feel very empowered to share my artwork in this manner. I finally took the jump. My younger brother did a listing last week for one of his abstract artwork prints - he just did it - didn't over think it just did it! Got me thinking what am I waiting for, and a new close friend from church was at my house recently (we were on our way to a local art show) and she got a tour of my little attic art studio and said "WOW" you should be selling your work! She has commissioned me to do an abstract collage mixed media piece for a gift for her daughter. It lifted my artist self esteem and got me so excited since I know it will be a gift for her daughter. Can't wait to start the piece and share photos afterwards. MY first COMMISSIONED artwork!
    I am very blessed these days;-)

  4. It looks great!! congratulations on your new venture! Hooray for you and GOOD luck :)

  5. Kae, I just went to your blog and ohhh, so beautiful and strong in heart. I just became a follower.



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