About Me

My husband Alexis and I smiling at a concert. Love him he is my soulmate and #1 supporter.

I am a wife, artist, teacher, small business owner and changemaker in the life I live lead by Christ. I create art to glorify the Lord and share the love of all things alchemy (transformative). When we create things with our hands we are discovering, exploring and enjoying the gifts and blessings our God gives to us daily. I share and sell my artwork under the trademark "Art Memories". ~ Sandra Granthon-Roman

DISCOVERING - {art memories}

God has led, is leading and will lead my "art memories" to glorify and honor him. HIM who created me and gives me life and purpose. To love my Lord and Savior more than anything and to love my neighbor as I love myself. God has put it upon my heart to call these life character transformations "art memories". It is when God uses my hands and mind to create artwork with images and words to transform my hurt into healing that I am found. The alchemy of the sinner to a believer is a gift from God. God gives us life. 

Alchemy: discovering, exploring, enjoying is the creative process God uses to transform me through the teachings from the bible. Art memories is the signature upon which God verifies my personal transformation is done in his name. God wants to enjoy time with you, to build a personal relationship with you. God speaks to me through art making. Let's take time to listen to him; we are worth the time, HE IS WORTH THE TIME. 

Blessings ~ Sandra


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