Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I spent ringing in the new year with my brother and his family. My niece Amelia and I created ATC cards to welcome in the new year... we had fun exploring the many, many, many papers, pictures and text I carted over in my craft shoulder bag. Here are the results of our discoveries may it bring you some joy.

  MY niece Amelia's ATC series she did a combo... she really had fun.

ATC collage 2.5 x 3.5 inches by 9-year-old niece Amelia.
ATC collage 2.5 x 3.5 inches by 9-year-old niece Amelia.

MY ACEO ATC series which I titled "Three Cups of Tea"
"Three Cups of Tea" series ACEO ATC collage 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

 I came up with this series because for 2012 I want to be mindful of my time spent on ME. I've been told one too many times by people who really know me that I GIVE too much and I need to find BALANCE and JOY for myself. That it is okay to be selfish and focus on my needs and wants. So for this year I want to be more mindful of my fashion (ahhh, I'll have to forfeit buying art supplies and books for new clothes), of my fitness and allow for outdoor playtime like hiking our beautiful trails in PA, and mindful of my tranquil mind by enjoying at least three cups of tea a day. I already start my days with a cup of tea, I now have been adding a cup at lunch and a cup before bedtime. Of course different blends to meet my different needs. Black Tea is great in the morning to get my energy going, Green Tea at lunch with a little honey is warming and keeps my immune system up and Camille Tea at night relaxes me and gets me ready for sleeping.

It seems to make much sense just like the tea custom says:
"The first cup of tea is sour as life. The second cup is sweet as love. The third is soft as death."

Fits so well for me since I am not a morning person and the first cup is a bit sour and the last cup brings me to a soft sleep as sweet as death... don't get me wrong I am not done living my life but there is no peace, like that of a deep sound sleep to restore your spirit and undo the man made stresses of our earthly lives. So we may awake again; restored and ready to rebuild our purpose driven lives.

How did you ring in the new year, have any art ventures in mind for 2012? I welcome your comments and storytelling.



  1. Happy New Year Sandra! I love the aceo's ;o) It's good to take care of yourself ;o) It was a quiet New Year for me. I have started making aceo book marks, it's been fun ;o) I love tea! Take Care ;o)

  2. LOved your post today! MAking ATC's with your niece is so special to say the least. Pretty incrediblt ATC's coming from a 9 year old. Bravo!! She has great intuitive creativity and a wonderful Aunt as a teacher. I love the whole concept/colors/imagery in your cards. I laughed when I read you bwere going to be more mindful with you fashion and try to be more active (fitness) I too aid the same thing. I promised to care more about how I looked and not spend every spare penny on art supplies. LOL I have to stop living out of jeans/t-shirts and tenny shoes. I must try harder. LOL
    Love your posts Sandra. Keep them coming!!!

    PS. Your tea ritual is lovely


  3. I just e-read my response I noticed too many spelling errors. sorry! Typing too fast (suck at typing) and not rereading before pressing Publish. I shall learn from this mistake.

  4. Stacy, sometimes quiet is the way to go with New Years;-) Have fun on your road trip with your mom.

    Maggie, you are so funny... don't worry about spelling errors... I understood what you meant. I told my niece today about your comments on the blog post with her ATC cards and she was ALL smiles... very proud she is and so am I. I love to create with children when possible. It helps me to remember how to play. She was able to do two sets of ATC cards because she was more carefree in her approach. I kept telling her... Titi (auntie) needs to learn from you and just start gluing my images already... too much thinking sometimes is not a good thing. But it all worked itself out and in the end were both happy with our art accomplishments.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend;-)
    I did try to go buy some new clothes today but I was so disappointed to find only the same old, same old fashions (blouses and pants) as years gone by.. I shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and I've been disappointed with their fashion limitations. Maybe I should start designing my own clothes;-) IT would be great to have some unique art inspired fashions to pull from.

  5. Grace kelly , paloma picasso and twiggy

  6. Sandra, I love your artwork! I saw your post in Eye Candy on FB. Thought I would join your blog and take a peek. Tamara ( To BeeStudio)

  7. Hi Tamara, thanks for playing;-) Grace Kelly and Twiggy are both correct but the middle photo is not Paloma Picasso (but good guess). I think that photo is going to be the most fun and challenging out of the three to guess;-) Please email me at with your mailing address details so I may get those lovely prints out to you asap. Thanks for being the first winner! ~ Sandra

  8. Wow! she is going to be a challenge! She looks so familiar and it is on the tip of my brain! Can't wait to see who she is. Thanks for the fun game and the lovely prints!! Will email you my address. Thank you!

  9. hI Sandra, I loved these ATCs as soon as I saw them on the Art Eye Candy club wall on Facebook - so cute - and I'd love to win :)
    I think that the three are Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel and Twiggy.
    The middle one is the most difficult but i think the pearls give it away.
    ( aka Choka Holik)

    1. Carole, you are correct! Please email me your mailing address at And thanks for becoming a follower;-)
      ~ Enjoy this lovely Monday.

  10. Thanks Sandra, I'm so pleased. I have emailed my address. love your work!



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