Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Art connects people

Have you ever wondered why people make ART? Why people take precious time to slow down and explore their creativity? Why care about art, the process of art making and art history in any form; besides just as a medium that might make you happy or not?

God lead me to create this mixed media artwork in 2009. When I was asking "what is the purpose?"

I use to ask myself those questions. Why do I create? Before my relationship with God the answer was egocentric; focused on the I, the ME, MYSELF... you know what I mean. We've all been there. You draw or make something that catches someone's interest in a positive way. The viewer praises your talents, perhaps even requests to buy the artwork. Your self esteem and ego grow a bit. If the occurrence repeats itself .. boy then you're motivated to MAKE ART and the root of the motivation is short lived... it's money, it's fame, it's all the things that God did not create you for.

But ... before my relationship with God I did not understand that.

I understood that I liked the nice comments about what I put my time, my emotions and my pride in... MY ART. Now don't be confused with what God has put in my heart to share. God wants you to take your time, to invest your emotions and to be pleased with your artwork. But more then that God wants a relationship with you; where you acknowledge that it is GOD who created YOU with gifts and talents. He invested in you when he created you as a child of God. He supports and guides your efforts to develop the gifts he has provided. God wants to bless you through your ART; financially and spiritually.

Does that mean you will become a billionaire or make it to the top 100 artist list on the 2014 museum curator's forum? Only God knows what his plan is for your life. Pray to God and he will guide you and reveal his blessings into your life. Build a relationship with God. Don't allow your own limited personal view of yourself to influence your capacity of how God may bless your life. God sees you as more then an earthly being. He sees you as part of his heavenly kingdom. It is with that purpose for your life that God not only wants to bless you but desires for YOU TO BE A BLESSING to OTHERS. 

God leads me to create and teach art. He wants me to be a blessing upon someone else. God has transformed my life and brings richer meaning to the word ALCHEMY. I pray that the art he allows me to create will be lead by the Holy Spirit. I no longer want to view my art as MY ART... God is teaching me step by step, day by day to create not for man but for Him. To humble myself and give thanks to him for every art memory that is discovered, explored and enjoyed. TO YOU I GIVE THANKS, my LORD.

"What you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men" ~ Colossians 3:23

God is calling for his people to share his Good News.

Amelia started making art at age 5. She is my blessing.
Below is a link to a blog post from a lovely lady who made an impact during her trip to Haiti. The children of Haiti were a blessing upon her during that trip just as God blessed her to provide the opportunity to make art with them. Below is a picture of one of her art students. The caption reads "He was SO proud of the final product!

On the left is a picture of my niece Amelia, my first little art student. She would sleep over on Fridays during the summer and Saturday morning we would make breakfast, talk about making art and then we'd revert to my small tiny attic, the "art studio". She taught me so much that summer and I am blessed for our time shared together. She is a child of God. I thank God for her.

This is why God leads us to make art.
We plant seeds of love with art.
God bless,

~ Sandra

Here is the link:

He was SO proud of the final product!

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