Friday, June 13, 2014

Registration is now OPEN!!

Registration for Alchemy - Art Memories Christian Summer Art Camp & Workshops are now OPEN!!! 

See forms (front and back: 2 pages) below for details.

Space is limited: will run class with a minimum of 3 students, but with room for only 6 total per class session.

You may print, complete, scan and email to

The classes will be run from my home Alchemy studio (garage). I will post pictures in the coming days and will offer an OPEN HOUSE on Friday June 20 and 27th by appointment so you may visit the studio setting and be reassured that it will be a good fit for your child. Our home does have two dogs (they will be safely housed in their kennel room away from the children). We have never had any concerns with our dogs but it is best to be safe then sorry. Also an awareness if your child has allergies.

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