Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zen Leads to Truth

Anything is possible ONE STROKE AT A TIME...

My hometown of Lancaster, PA. 

          I love to create Zentangles yet sometimes I only have five minutes or less and my hand is anxious and wants to create lines without too much attention to pattern details or too much thinking at all. I just draw my border and put on my favorite worship music and I zen out.

          To "zen out" might sound like my brain just goes to mush...but the opposite appears to be happening. Because when I step back afterwards and see where the process lead me I discover my visual environment (what I see outside my window) has found its way into my art forms. I see rolling hills, farmer's crop lines, patterns, nature's leaves, trees, and even the power lines of the humming cityscape nearby. 

          Not only does the process calm my mind; but most importantly the worship music allows my spirit to express itself in a pure and truthful pattern that would not have been possible if I gave myself the task to "draw my environment"... especially not in the short amount of time given. I would of stressed, analyzed icons, patterns and double guessed myself on what was the "correct" creative art answer to the task. WOW! I'm tired just thinking about it.. definitely not zen at all.

         Zen, to me is freedom to fall into the word of the worship of God. For it is he who gifts me the art that I create. My efforts are inspired by his love for me to push forward to use his gifts. But the outcomes are best when I submit to his word and praise him in the process. There are no mistakes in creating art; just as there is no mistake that God created you. When we trust God to lead us all creations lead to joy. 

          Enjoy your art ministry and share God's truth.

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