Thursday, July 7, 2011

ATC cards keep me cool in hot weather - Day 7

In PA the weather is HOOOTTT and humid! As I woke up this morning praying that my Internet connection was working (My Sprint 4G connection has not been working properly since July 4th - I called to ask why and they could not answer me just told me that it would improve in the following days)... got to love technology LOL.

At times the Internet connect works great - just like earlier this morning when I was commenting on fellow artist’s blogs then it goes down without warning, just like a minute ago when I decided to blog my new art and then I play the waiting game. OK enough venting... did you know art is also a great way to vent?

Not knowing how much time I had to work with this morning before Internet would work I started playing with new ATC cards. The backgrounds were already collaged - these were ATC leftovers from a larger collage project down earlier in the year... what I like to call Artist Surprise Extras!

A) ATC - girl, B) ATC- mushroom, C) ATC - Flowers in vase, and D) ATC - lemonade jar.

So I quickly started sketching simple images in each of the four ATC cards. After the graphite sketch I then sprayed them with a thin layer of Krylon Workable Fixatif (you can purchase at your local hobby or art store for about $9) this protects pencil, pastel, and chalk drawings preventing smudging, and wrinkling, in the end allows for easy rework and layering with other mediums.
After allowing the Fixatif to dry I then added a watery (1:1 ratio of gesso to water) layer of gesso to fuse the background and drawn image together to prepare for future addition of paint and text. That is where I am right now… check out the images below and as always leave a comment with any feedback or suggestions.


Not sure how to get images to post side by side as you can see the last ATC pic is a bit lower then its neighbor. Any suggestions? I'm new to using this blogger layout, post editor. The only other thing is to lay it out in Photoshop and save as one image (but that's more work and makes for larger image size). Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.

I edited this post with a new image (I used PhotoShop to layout the ATC cards side by side and up and down). Thanks for the feedback!


  1. Hi Sandra, great ATC's Glad to see you're computer/net is up and running again. I've ever used or even heard of Fixatif. I'll definetely look into that. Thanks for the info. As for blogger image being side-by-side I have no idea. Can't wait to see your Day 8. I still have to post my day 7. I'm a bit behind today

  2. Your ATCs are beautiful! I love the look of the graphite over your bright colors!

    I can sympathize over your humid, sticky heat. It's a humid day in Phoenix, and when you add humidity to our high temps, it's really awful. Still, my son spent most of last summer in Pittsburgh in an un-airconditioned dorm room, and he said that both types of heat are equally unbearable. He did love PA, though!

  3. I've always had the problem of posting photos side by side too, so if I want that I do just what you said, use another program to place them side by side, save, and post as one picture. For ATCs I will often scan them two at a time, then I don't have the problem. or even 4 at a time. But then you need to make sure everything is straight! There must be someone out there who can help with this problem!

  4. @Maggie
    I learned about using Fixatif by watching Pam Carriker art journaling youtube videos I think this video makes reference to the Fixatif . You might also be interested in her latest book “Art at the Speed of Life: Motivation and Inspiration for Making Mixed-Media Art Every Day” I purchased it over a month ago and I love it, very inspiring.

  5. @Barbara Hagerty
    WOW, Phoenix I'd love to visit sometime. I've only been as far west as Wisconson;-) PA is beautiful, humdity and all. I love Lancaster, PA best of all with the farmland and nature trails.

  6. @Lindart
    Linda, thanks for your suggestions, I think I will lay them out in Photoshop and upload as one image less pain then playing with the forward, backward, and delete button through the design feature on blogger. I haven't done a full serach yet on how to use this website's design features but I will and share if I come up with anything different. So far I've only read the online manual of how to design and start a blog. I also don't like the template layout where if a picture is oversized (I like to post XL size so people don't have to hit the enlarge feature to view the my art) it runs right into the right column as an underlay. Ughh, but hey you can't have it all and be a free website;-) Thanks for your feedback.



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