Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hillside View - Day 10

This is a small collage I did in my watercolor sketch book. It measures 5x7 inches. I tore up text paper, adhered using Golden Soft Gel Medium (Satin), watercolors with graphite drawing layered on top of found images of rocks and grass.
"hillside view" mixed media collage 5x7 inches on water color paper.

This is not done yet, I'm looking forward to adding text to this in the coming days.



  1. I'm really drawn (no pun intended) to this one, Sandra. The plants look like their in community somehow -maybe cousins or good friends? Enjoying their thoughts while admiring the day.

  2. @Todd Spidle
    It is so funny that you would say that I had the same reaction to them. They reminded me of two old friends (ladies) with flowered hats on squating down sharing thoughts of the day (the text in the air is part of their story) but only them two know how to decode the text to make their story. I forgot to mention in my write up that I had gone over the text with a light brushing of gesso to create a mist. I was thinking of adding a barn or farmhouse on the horizon to give reference to the country sides I love and adore so much living here in Lancaster. So glad you enjoyed it. Keep commenting I respect your feedback. This is folk art (Outsider Art) and much whimsy as you can tell, I might even add some Manga stuff not sure yet but I welcome comments from a fellow artist like yourself:-)



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