Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gone crazy with color! - Day 5

Did I mention that I love bold strong COLORS!! A favorite is the color -tomato orange. This time around I decided to go dark with my images instead of ghost tones as in my last page on Day 4. I've already started to break up the darkness with some fun 3D glitter embellishments that I glued on around the eyes on the image on the left side and to balance the layout I glued some "sweaty" pink glitter embellishments around the upside down figure on the right side.

The page lends itself to speak about how Opposites Attract or the Yin and Yang philosophy. I won't know really what the outcome will be until I start to add the text... so you'll have to wait and see as the "Process of Becoming" continues.


Thanks for the comments ladies - I love the interaction online! Now I'm off to volunteer at the farm.

In case you were wondering I work at a public school and am off for the summer - that's how I manage the time to do art each day and post etc... It's a great way to spend my summer days!

Three Page Spread (pages 4, 5, 6) - Used GOLDEN fluid acrylics, 3D glitter embellishments, magazine images, various scrap paper designs and recycled junk mail.


  1. cool colours, so glad you left a message, loving what you have done so far, the orange is one of my favourite colours! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.:D

  2. Sandra, What a fantastic page. Love the colors, papers and collage.

    p.s. Before becoming a stay at home mom (hardest this I have ever done) I use to work in a public school as well. I really miss teaching/working.


  3. Gorgeous color! I love the strong contrasts and the bold designs!

  4. Gorgeous color and love the unexpected 'face'! Don't you love the Teesha Moore style journal? I need to make more of them...enjoy the journey!

  5. @Maggie
    I have much love/respect for stay at home moms and anyone working, mentoring young people. It is truly the hardest but most rewarding commitment you will ever make.

    I do not have any children of my own but I always say I have over 400 (my elementary students - I am the after school coordinator hiring staff to provide enrichment club instruction, I LOVE IT!) and my #1 love my niece Amelia - I am also her godmother (I try to do art with her whenever her busy schedule allows she's on the local ymca swimteam, does girls scouts, and a running mentoring program called Girls On the Run!) She did two 5Ks this year! Its amazing all the programs and activities kids are apart of these days. For her birthday my gift to her is I'm going to instruct a 1 hour jewerly workshop for her and her buddies during her sleepover birthday party. I also normally do a speical handmade gift for her - any suggestions for a 9 yr old girl?

  6. @Amanda Trought
    Hey, Amanda!
    Are you signing up for any of Mystele's summer online workshops? I have done her Art Sentiments and loved the self pace plus the $10 cost! Working for a public school I don't make big $$ and this is my second summer with a layoff so my budget gets tighter (I told Mystele I love that she offers $10 classes). Plus I love this 30 Days challenge to keep me pumped - hope you decide to share some of your pretty lady drawings - I loved your journal page titled sunshine!


    Made me smile;-) Let me know how those promarkers are working for you, I haven't used any yet but the color is so bold its tempting.



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