Saturday, July 16, 2011

Party Time! - Day 16

This is page 14 with an inside flap (page 15) out of my art journal “Process of Becoming”. This is also the last entry page of my art journal – stage 1: collage elements. Thus, the birds on the ledge with party hats – for they are songbirds with music in their hearts sharing in fellowship for as a wise church lady told me yesterday during our weekly book discussion group “God did not make man to stand alone… everyone needs community”. Now that stage 1 is completed I will move onto stage 2 to be shared in the coming days.

As always please post your comments and enjoy,


  1. What a fun and Happy page. I LOVE how you represented the truth about people/living things needing to be part of a community.


  2. @Maggie
    I find it to be so true. I am thankful for my friends and family who bring so much to my life. This now includes my online art family. Your comments are so dear to me it makes me feel like I'm not talking to myself. LOL

  3. I love this collage so much! What a fabulous journal page!



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