Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Paradigm shift - Day 9

Today has been a very busy Saturday and as you can tell I am posting later then my normal time. I normally like to get to my art in the morning and post no later then midday. But today I got up at 8am, did my yoga practice and then I was out the door by 10am to run errands, spend time with family, until 7pm when I just got home. So lucky for me the next page in my art journal was an inside flap - yeahhhh! A small layout page;-) So below is my offering for today.

This inside flap will house my views inspired by the idea of a self paradigm shift in how I view my life. How I measure worth and values in the people I engage with and the work I do: purpose of self and discussion on who the real me is and the people in my life who support me (including my online community).

"Your spirit is the real you. The bible teaches us to live by the things of the spiritual realm, things we don't see. The only way to have a truly satisfying, happy life is to be led by the Holy Spirit."

The image of a one-eyed brain as the face of "man" sparked excitement in me when thinking of possible associations and metaphors for when I add my future text. Upon looking at the collage I created I began to associate a story of a struggle to balance my personal beliefs/morals that keep me well (my cerebral self which is not derived by vision alone) and my disappointment with humanity (self included) based on aesthetic potential to make something discarded and rejected by society into a restored object of peace to inspire joy and healing without judgement. In other words do I create art to live well or do I live well to create art? By well I mean wellness of mind, body and soul.

Broken down into a basic question - can art be enjoyed without judgement?
So many times I feel guilty after spending money to buy prefabricated embellishments, buttons, rub-ons, and so on to add to my artwork's aesthetics's.
I think to myself that was money better spent on buying healthy groceries (not cheap) or putting into my savings for future house emergencies or employment layoffs. I also think there are so many yard sales, flea markets, and second hand stores I could find similar items for less money and in the process stop adding to the consumer obsession of more stuff to buy and support recycling and re-using discarded treasures for art making. I then think what does this say about the art I create is it better because it has "brand new" details and features or am I missing out by doing the work of discovering what's out there for me to explore, to enjoy in my artwork? 

Have you ever gone down this path of questioning what your artwork reflects upon the people who view it? Have you ever felt robotic to create art that will sell verses art that is pure peace and joy without judgement of aesthetics or $$ value?

For now I will enjoy the process of questioning and know that the art of "becoming" anything takes time and if I'm lucky I will never stop its development of asking and reflecting on questions of a life lived and a life shared with art. As always I welcome your comments and feedback.



  1. I truly enjoyed reading your post today. Things to think about, consider, even analyze.

    Love the color balance of your page, and the brain with one eye is quite fascinating.

  2. @Maggie
    Thanks, so glad it made an impact, now don't go getting used to it LOL...I'm not always going to be so reflective with my posts. But I was just feeling it - that's what art does to me at times.

    But I hope it left you with a smile. I don't post questions or thoughts to make people feel bad just to get dialogue started for understanding why I do the odd things I do (like spend money on new Golden paint $$ when I need to buy food for myself). But those Golden people sure do make a good product and YES paint quality does make a difference, much richer colors. The image of the brain with the eye was an nice surprise that I found in my stash - I have images from years back.
    Hugs right back to ya,

  3. I also wonder sometimes at what I'm buying and could I do it myself even better. I can now go into Michaels with a 40% off coupon and go out empty handed. I buy a lot less pre-fabricated embellishments and rely more on found items or items I can make. I have managed to stay away from collecting die cuts (I have 2 or 3, and that's all). I do love yard sales for those special found objects! I once found a cigar box FULL of rusty old keys, a treasure for me, but the person I bought it from I'm sure was wondering what someone would possibly want with so many old keys! But my downfall seems to be stamps!

  4. @Lindart
    Linda, I hear you. I also do the 40% coupon walk through my local arts and crafts stores just to walk away empty handed and I feel good about it. I used to think WOW a coupon I must buy something now I've purchased enough things that everything looks similar and I just buy mostly adhesive supplies, or paint if I really need it. Otherwise I am now turning towards local re-use it shops. I just found a new one near my downtown.

    Went in with $5 and came home with a bag full of stuff to make art with (including: stensils, lap top covers to make into clip boards - I will include pics in my blog when I am done with them, old lace to include in my handmade books and much more). What's nice is I can always donate any extra art stuff I have in my collection I don't use back to them so others can create art from it.

    It was my visit here that sparked my blog about how we create art and the cost $$ behind it. Both financial and environmental cost.

    How about you, any Reuse it stores near you?



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