Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WHY? - DAY 12

So this is a watercolor piece in my 5x7 sketchbook. I did the women's side view using graphite 2H pencil. I drew in the lines and will be back to revisit it with text in the near future. Sorry the last postings have been rushed! I've been quite busy outside of my studio (thus why I've reverted to the small travel sketch book) but I promise to devote some more quality time to posting in the coming days. I have lots of art related things happening that I plan to share.
As always I welcome your comments and feedback- especially on working with text and zentangles (a new found love of mediation).
"why?" mixed-media collage on 5x7 watercolor paper.



  1. The soft colors of this call me today. Soothing. I'm interested to see what text you add to the photo. The text part is what always trips me up. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I love how you drew the girl right over the blended colors. Very interesting. I definetely will try this.

  3. Love it. I'm really drawn to profiles lately, and you do it so well -- and the colors are just incredible. Vibrant and soothing at the same time.

  4. @Helen Campbell
    Thanks ladies for the kind words. I am trying to do more art in this fashion - I completely just allowed myself to play and have fun with the background not stressing over the color choices and then just pulled the image from the shapes created by the paint (a skill I'm learning by watching Mystele from Little Glimpses Studio at http://www.mystele.com). I hope to work on this art project somemore this week - I'm still open to what the text will be that's why I started it off by asking "Why?" in reference to why do words cause me to pause. Perhaps becacuse I know how powerful words are. This week I'm venturing into the world of text and looking to complete some past art projects that I posted that still require text. Thanks for your feedback and comments they keep me rolling along;-) Also I'd love to hear your thoughts from my Day 13 post. I am feeling great - our youth lead service this morning at church and that always gets me inspired - God Bless!



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