Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Courage to GROW - Day 26

 I've been away for the past three days at a conference in DC. Although I took my mini journal with me I was not able to add any new artwork to the journal - my days just came and went with very little time then to wake up, attend the conference, spend time with my hosts (sister and brother-in-law), sleep and do it again. I did get a chance to take in two museum exhibits and I used my journal to take notes of some of the artwork I viewed for future research (I'm hoping to post and share at a later time).

But for today, my Day 26 I revisited a piece I blogged about earlier in this process. I actually finished this piece and you can see the results in the picture below. I would say more but I'm tired and need to head off to bed.

Hope you enjoy this one, I worked on for the better part of the evening/morning. It was a lot of fun. Check out the before pictures of this piece on blog Day 6.

"Courage to GROW" 8"x8" mixed-media collage on wood.

Thanks for all your kind words and for following along. Even though I have not been able to participate every day on this challenge it is still the most art I have ever created in one month's time and the month is not even over ;-) I'll be posting something new for the following last 5 days and I can't wait to visit your blogs to see what everyone's been up to. Happy blogging.


  1. This is so beautiful. The colors and images are just perfect. I love the quote! Stunning work!!!

  2. @Maggie
    Thanks! I just found the bird image the other day and it seemed to fit. I can't believe how different it turned out from the beginning. I just kept adding layers of paint and then it was done ;-) I like when things complete themself without over thinking it. Hope you're doing well with getting your art on - check out my comments on your blog site. 3 more days to go - yeahhh! Hope this makes sense I'm really tired.



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