Saturday, July 30, 2011

upcycled sketch book - Day 29

Today I created a new sketch book for myself from recycled paper, mail brochures, and pattern scrapbook paper. After deciding on the size of the book I used my color staples to attach the white drawing paper and then ran the pages under my Elna sewing machine (great for handling thick, multiple pages). I capped things off with a little left over bling on the front cover from an old project.

Front cover of upcycled sketch book.



  1. Sandra this is fantastic. Love the colors and design. How long did it take to make?
    I hope you share what you create and bring to life inside those pages.

  2. @Maggie
    Maggie, it only took about half an hour from start to finish since I had the found junk mail in a box ready to be used "JUNK BOX" ;-)

    I picked out my favorite colors, tore some drawing papers in half and decided to play with my color staples and sewing machine to add texture and interest to the journal.

    I did not have to bind the journal for I used an existing junk mail journal as my foundation and just transformed it by attaching papers and a junk mail postcard for the cover. AND of course some bling, bling to add shine ;-)

    These little light weight art journals are great for kids to create and to fill and also low cost - FREE to make; just requires your time and creativity.

    I will post what I creat inside, thanks for asking.



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