Thursday, July 21, 2011

Join the CURIOUS GIRLS Club - Day 21

For Day 21 of GET YOUR ART ON I was inspired by the artwork of Roben-Marie Smith an artist I was first introduced to by Mystele from Little Glimpses Studio. I am a follower of Roben-Marie’s blog {Every Life Has A Story} that can be found at Roben-Marie is so generous in how she shares her art. In her blog posts she shares words of encouragement to new visionary artist like me through her storytelling of art making and also through her “Watch the Process” videos made just for us visual learners who have to see it to “get it” ;-) Her videos reveal a true love for play and spontaneous art making. I kept asking myself how she makes it look so EASY when I know it is NOT.  I also wondered how she KNOWS that the outcome of the video recording will yield an aesthetically pleasing piece of artwork.
In a recent email exchange where I wrote to Roben-Marie to thank her for the inspiration she provides me to keep going with my art making (especially the dreaded adding of text to art) Roben-Marie shared with me I keep in all the mess-ups and show how I just cover things up and keep going!”. Her words stayed with me for over a week and today I awoke inspired to become BRAVE and play – PLAY like great artists like Mystele and Roben-Marie. PLAY without fear of the outcome but just to enjoy the process.  Thanks ladies!

8x8 inches on wood (white gesso and crayons)

To get myself in a BRAVE state of mind I first needed to relax so I got the old white gesso out and started to lay down some paint. I then hit it with my heat gun and then pulled out a set of crayons and started to just let loose with spontaneous zentangle design. Side note: I love the smell of crayons ;-) I still remember being in 1st grade when my mom purchased a box set of 64 crayons for me and my siblings to share. Remember with the little sharpener in the back? I LOVED IT! I got a rush from seeing them all organized together in the hug box, all sharpened and ready to go. I spent many hours with those crayons coloring in over-sized coloring books and also making handmade board games and paper dolls. I was blessed with a mom who shared her love of creativity with me at a young age. Before heading off to work she would draw pretty little girls for me and say “now you can make the clothes”.  This kept me quite busy on those long hot summer days.

Finger painting with craft acyrlic paints.

Once I was warmed up with the zentangles I then moved over to finger painting, paint dripping, paint smearing, and paint flicking… oh, it is so much FUN! All techniques shared by Roben-Marie through her videos. This is just a work in progress for I do not wish to stop by just repeating the skills Roben-Marie shares but I want to keep playing; introducing my own style of doing things and allow my curiosity to move me towards an artwork that is all my own.  Thanks Roben-Marie for “Lifting Me Up, for I am a CURIOUS Girl”.


  1. Oh I LOVE IT!!! Your words resonate with my spirit. I think we are all finding our way with the help of others, gleaning bits and pieces from so many artists out there. Mystele got me started on creating & playing and Roben-Marie is also another great artist to learn from.

    I wanted to let you know that on my post this afternoon I mentioned you/your blog on my Shout-Out that I do at the end of every post. I am so impressed by your art and your beautiful, creative, brand-new blog! You are an inspiration as well. Have a great weekend.

  2. @~Rasz~
    Rasz, thanks for the Shout Out on your blog it is no surpise to me why you've been given so many awards by your fellow artist and bloggers. Along with being a creative angel you bless so many people with your kindness and support. It is scary being "OUT THERE" I'm glad there are people like you to make it less scary and more fun!

  3. Oh i like your blog very much! this is very interesting, thank you for sharing this with us,hope to see more of your artwork! oh! and thank you for the nice comment, you know,working/coloring with copic markers is so much fun and very fast! ^^ yes, i am a coffee junky! lol

  4. Hi Sandra--I'm over here from Rasz's blog--I'm so happy to see your blog and your art. Mystele is my hero. I took her very first Gut Art class and it changed my whole way of approaching art--she's a very wonderful and sharing person too!
    I hope you enjoy blogging in this art community--everyone is very open to helping each other.

  5. @Doll dreams by Ady Almanza
    Ady, I have never used them, I cannot find them at my local art store. I might have to try online. The copic markers produce such saturated colors. Beautiful!

    Diane, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog and for your kind welcome to this online art community. I'm getting to know Rasz and she is pure kindness in a jar ;-) Mystele is also a hero of mine - I have taken her Art Sentiments class and look forward to another class soon. I get such a perk when I get an email update stating she has posted a new video. So inspiring.

  6. Hey, Sandra! I love your finger painted piece and am so happy to read that you are "enjoying the process" and not worrying about the mess-ups or outcome. Since I let go and really started working with that idea in mind, I can see my work has changed and I enjoy creating so much more. I am so very structured in most areas of my life and it was hard to get to that point. I look forward to seeing more of your work! Have fun!! Cheers, RM :)

  7. @Roben-Marie
    I was working on this art project today and it's already starting to dramatically change I hope to post the finished project by tomorrow or Saturday... stay tuned ;-) In the mean time thanks for posting your Process Videos they are great!



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