Monday, August 1, 2011


This post is being sent out to all my blogger friends. It first started as a reply to Maggie's comments from my Day 30 post but as I began to type my reply I thought it was appropriate to send it as a post so everyone can read what an impact this online art community has had on my life. For it was not just one person that made this new blog experience such a joy to me but my whole interactive blog community. Thanks ladies, God Bless!!

"ART SAVES" collage mixed-media with chipboard letters and embellishments

Here is a image of a collage mixed-media piece I created over three years ago when I first began to actively create art for healing. Please feel free to right click and download this image to save or print for your personal use. I made magnets out of the image and gave them to the women in my life who mean so much to me like my mom, sister, close friends and I also donated a print to one of my close friend's women's church retreat silent auction.

I cannot say this enough - ART SAVES! Thanks to Jenny Doh for starting CRESCENDOh and Suzi Blu for first bringing it to my attention (Suzi's videos launched my spirit to start my alchemist process back in 2007 and I've only become brave enough since 2010 to begin to share openly with the public - its scary to know people are judging you but then again the healing that sharing your art can bring to others out weighs the personal fear I have). Jenny says it best here:

"We at CRESCENDOh believe that art is all of that and more. Art is what comes out of each of us, as we use our diverse spectrum of talent to elevate and beautify our lives. Art can be a quilt ... a collage ... a rubber stamped card ... a poem ... a musical performance ... a well-loved garden ... a delicious meal ... a warm conversation. Art is what gets us through the moment, the hour, the day, the years, the lifetime. Yes indeed, ART SAVES."

Now this is the original start of the reply I was typing to Maggie which I have copied and pasted here:

You have been such an uplift throughout this blog process and believe me it has not been easy (especially when real life concerns outside of art making kicked in during the month of July; pushing my posts into late hours of the night). That's when art making became a saving grace to me along with working on the farm to release my stress and anxiety. Maggie {blog friends}, you have made me smile with every comment you have shared. I believe that God puts the right people in your path at the right times to uplift your spirit and remind you of all the goodness in this world.

Although I LOVE my family and close friends I felt I was missing a connection with my creative spirit and finding this art community and blogging has been a saving grace for me during my job layoff. It brings me great comfort and peace along with BIG SMILES when I can share my love for anything and all things art related with others who also get a jump start from mixing paints with their fingers, squealing when they learn about a new YouTube video on how to make recycled journals and just want to make markings on any surface to see what develops (and not think it was time to call the head doctor) LOL.

This message goes to everyone who has left comments on my blog or become a follower. Although the 30 Days challenge is over my blog is not at all ending and although we might all find new art challenges to participate in our futures, my hope is that we continue to revisit each other and share in our new art discoveries and how they are transforming our lives.

I call my blog ALCHEMY - Art Memories just for that reason. I am a believer that life is to be lived honoring the changes in ourselves, our environments, and our society. Along with living my life with a CURIOUS GIRL mentality I also work very hard to put into practice my self defined definition of living an alchemist lifestyle through the process of 1.discovering 2. exploring, and 3. enjoying. Art Memories is just one chapter in this on going process and I look forward to sharing with you my journey along the way.

Thanks again for all your caring and support and remember this change in art challenges is not an ending but a new beginning - let's continue to share for we are all interconnected in this thing we call life ;-)

I would like to mail a gift (a magnet of an image of your choice from any of the images I have shared in the 30 Days challenge including today's ART SAVES post) to all the people who have left comments on my 30 Days challenge posts - you can look back on the comments posted to remind you if you are one of them and also to my 9 followers.  If you would like to receive this gift please email me at: with your address details. This is my thank you to you for helping to shape my future as an artist.


  1. Sandra, What a beautiful mixed media collage and message. I am so glad you signed up for my August ATC swap! Thank you for following my sites and I am looking forward to sharing your ATCs! ; ^ ) lenna

  2. @Lenna Young Andrews
    Thanks I'm looking forward to the swap. My first ATC swap so I'm nervous to part with my ATC art work but excited to know I will receive new swaps in the mail from fellow artists. Learning to let go ;-)

  3. Sandra you are such an inspiration! I can totally relate to your feelings of this online community. I was so scared just a couple months ago to even post or be "judged" as I expected. Instead I found I love to share with others and get the inspiration and encouragement this community provides. I am so happy to be a follower and will continue to smile and get inspiration from your art. You are an amazing woman and I am glad we got to meet this way. I am so excited to trade some ATCs with you and watch what you create.

  4. Hi Sandra!!! Oh My Goodness Sandra, Thank YOU for uplifting me and making my world a better place!!! I completely agree that God puts people in our lives for a reason. I have met so many Art Soul mates through my art/blog and I am forever grateful. I too have a huge family that I adore and friends that I would never replace, but I too was missing that connection with my creative side. You have no idea how many times I have thought, "if only my friends through my blog lived closer" It's been an amazing journey and one that I am glad to be taking because of beautiful people like yourself. Thank you again Sandra.

  5.! Kick butt post. We must be on a similar wave length, I just posted an Art Saves kinda post yesterday. I quit smoking because I just decided that I'd rather make art instead. But I completely agree. I checked out the book at Barnes and Noble. I love love LOVE Suzi's art in it.

    And I also must say that, I think the word Alchemy is one of my favorite words. I have written about it and done art around it. And I think it's a fantastic way to live!! Thanks for sharing your point of view with me and with the world!

    btw, Did you get my email? Just wanted to check because the one you sent me went to my spam folder and I wanted to be sure we got to connect. I know we're both excited about it. YAY!! Let me know when you want to get together.




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