Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Idea Festival - Day 1: SHARE

So today I started my new online art challenge facilitated by Big Picture Classes: Big Idea Festival (its free and you can still join it runs for 12 days).  Each day a new artist provides a challenge word of the day and followers are to create a scrapbooking page (real or digital) and/or art project using the challenge word.

To my surprise when I went to post my image to the BIF gallery I discovered that BPC provides an opportunity for you to win cool prizes for entering your artwork to the gallery folder. Winners will not be announced until August 28th so you could still join in the fun!

Day 1: August 15, 2011
Featured Artist: Amy Tan
website/blog: http://amytangerine.blogspot.com/
Challenge word: SHARE

Day 1: SHARE (digital scrapbooking page using Photoshop CS3)
As always I welcome your comments and feedback.



  1. What a beautiful page Sandra. I really miss scrapbooking. I wish I had the energy to take on more challenges.
    Big Hugs,

  2. @Maggie
    Thanks, as you can see I'm posting late tonight... trying to keep my energy going. I feel like I'm caught up now;-)

  3. I love seeing what you are doing for the prompts, Sandra... I saw your reference to this free festival on Big Picture and signed up, but have not done anything towards it myself. Looking at your entries has been marvelous though! Thank you.

  4. @Lenna Young Andrews
    So glad you signed up, you can post up until August 28th to qualify for the free prizes (lots of cool supplies, yeah). None the less, prizes or no prizes, its been such a great adventure so far. I'm really enjoying the digital design - I'm learning so much from all the great ladies that post to the Big Pictures Gallery site. See you there, and I am going to mail my ATC to you by this coming Monday. I have a couple of things I still want to do before mailing them out.



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