Tuesday, August 9, 2011

stars in the air

I found myself with an unexpected burst of energy this evening to revisit a drawing in my moleskin journal done over a year ago. That's how it goes with me sometimes - I will draw some interesting images but for whatever reason I will not work on them for long periods of time. I think partly it's the fear of "messing up" the drawing with paint. But after exploring video after video of how to paint lovely ladies on YouTube I finally find myself more comfortable to take the next step with these drawings. This art project is still a work in progress but I am happy with where I am with it. I have numbered the images so you can follow along with the process.
Stars In The Air - Mixed media in moleskin journal.


  1. Hi Sandra, Can you please share some of that energy you found? I have spent so many hours watching videos too. I understand the addiction. hehe

    Your drawing is beautiful. Love the colors and shading. Just curious, did you use water color pencils? Keep on drawing!


  2. Your drawing is beautiful Sandra and the paint adds that much more!!! Great job! I started my art journey from YouTube videos. I learn so much better that way. I agree with Maggie, it's addicting.

  3. @Maggie
    You make me laugh, I wish I knew how to bottle that energy... it's a curse and a blessing that comes when it chooses;-) I say curse because it keeps me from sleeping and then the next day I'm slumped and tired. Yet blessing because doing art saves me from stressing out... kind of like the chicken and the egg which came first the stress or the art LOL. As for the drawing I used Prismacolor Colored Pencils which I blended together with Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Gloss). Afterwards I used a HB mechanical pencil to add shading details.

  4. @~Rasz~
    I love watching youtube videos - better then cable;-) When I can't sleep or there's nothing good on tv I watch art videos on my hTC 4G EVO it has a wide screen so its like a mini tv. Ahh, technology and to think I held out until 2006 before I had my own cell phone. Check your mail you should be receiving an artful surprise sometime this week in the mail.

    Happy youtube viewing;-)



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