Thursday, August 18, 2011

Discovery Wednesday - Nature Inspired!

Here is my inspirational mosaic of artist images that inspired me this week to create my journal page titled "adventure". 

1. altered envie journal page 7, side 2, 2. opposites WIP- would like to add opposite colors to the yellow orange- Where do I go from here? I didn't even think of a background..., 3. Another fallen tree, 4. Olive Green Tip In Pages Right

Art Journal page 8x7 inches mixed media titled "adventure".
What I discovered in the process of making my own personal artwork was that I enjoy creating in a monotone color palette infused with a punch of highlight color. I also discovered that while I like the color harmony that was created in my journal page I also enjoy the irony of the opposing messages the images communicate. 

The page is titled "adventure" with a subtitle of "a point at which to pause and think". If you study the top image (a packing tape image transfer of two hunters walking side by side carrying their 'prize') and the beauty of the bottom image of a songbird perched ready to start it's day you will glide over the letter 'Y' that was placed to sound out loud the question of why we hunt.

I have friends who are hunters and come hunting season they will proudly seek their weapons and children to join in their family tradition of hunting for deer and turkeys for the holiday festivities. I'm not trying to say they are wrong (I am a meat eater after all) but I do pause and wonder of all the animals in nature that find their end by the hands of humans and what might of been their destiny if given an opportunity to sing a song. Just something to think about. 


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