Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Idea Festival - Day Nine: FREE

Day 9: August 23, 2011
Featured Artist: Karen Grunberg
Challenge word: FREE

This is my entry for day nine of the Big Idea Festival scrapbook challenge. Karen is providing her readers a free online self pace class called Embrace Imperfection. Check out the details by going to her blog or click on this link. Thanks Karen, for your generosity!

Day 9: Free (digital page created using Photoshop CS3)

This is a page from my moleskin art journal. To see more pages from this journal with the theme "FLY" check out my Flickr account at
The book was printed as a travel journal of the city of Boston. I received it free from a friend and decided to recycle it and make it into my pocket size art journal (easy to carry in my purse). The pages are very thin so I first had to glue several pages together so it could support the acrylic paint and images I planned to glue on. I also experimented in making tabs that overhang off the page attached with decorative brads. I drew in the flower after I stamped the hummingbird image... the poor thing looked so lonesome without some sweet nectar nearby.

To me the word FREE reminds me of the empowerment I feel when I am able to create art, art that frees my soul to fly like our winged friends but more importantly fly in a metaphoric fashion to free myself of stress and the world of nonsense that I sometimes find myself consumed with. Nonsense to me is the world of negativity the world of materialism and consumerism. All I need is a small little book to carry my big uncaged ideas and wishes. 



  1. Oh how pretty Sandra!!! And thank you for sharing the link to Embrace Imperfection. I LOVE what you wrote about Free and I agree totally! I think Free has been my word/feeling of the year. There is something about just letting go and letting it all be as it was meant to be that is so freeing and empowering!!! Love it!

  2. Hi Sandra, Love this page! And I love what you wrote at the end "carrying your uncaged and ideas and wishes" beautifully said my friend!




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