Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cool, Rainy Days!

Hi all! Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow I will be mailing out the magnet requests I received thus far (a gift for my "30 Days" blogger friends - read the end of my post from Aug 1st for details after the PS) . Or just click on the link provided.

Below are two images I recently added to my flickr account. I hope you enjoy them; they have a fall/winter theme reflecting the months in which they were made.
Art Sentiment Card (mixed media)
"Quiet" ATC (mixed media)

In other news... I've been very busy on the farmacy and at the heART Gallery this week but enjoying every minute of if! Below is a picture of the 100 + watermelons we harvested on Tuesday at the farmacy. Yesterday I did a lot of weeding around the squash (very muddy business working in and around the rain; but so inviting after the heat wave from weeks past).

Watermelons from the Farmacy - harvest on August 2, 2011.

This is an info card I made using Photoshop CS3 of the completed painted glass vase a heART artist created this week. I'm now volunteering twice a week this allows me to get more familiar with the heART artists (adult artists who have developmental and intellectual disabilities)  so I can better assist them with their studio needs during their class time. Lynn the full time art teacher has been a blessing to me. Her patience and mentoring during my first weeks as a volunteer has provided me a new zest for creativity that I have begun to put into my volunteer work and personal artwork. Lynn echoes what a lot of my online art mentors have shared with me "relax, play, and allow art to be healing".

As always I welcome your comments ;-)



  1. Check out all those melons!!! How fun. I love the quiet ATC very much It really does have a quiet quality to it. Nice work!

  2. I really like the flow and direction of line of your two collages.

  3. My goodness you are a very busy woman, creating beautiful artworks, harvesting and volunteering. Loved the links, thanks for sharing. The farm brought tears to my eyes remembering my childhood summers growing up in Ohio, very similar to Pennsylvania. And the heART Gallery is amazing. What a great organization. Both are very blessed to have you on their team. Your info card is beautiful and a great way to show off the art done there.

  4. @~Rasz~
    Thanks ladies! I do love to do a lot - and volunteering is a big part of who I am. I've been volunteering since I was in 8th grade when my teacher took our homeroom to our local county park to paint a fence of General Edward Hand's georgian plantation home called ROCK FORD PARK (our school was named after him). The farm keeps my body in shape and mind at peace, plus its only 10 minutes from my home so easy to get to (I'm heading over there in 15 mins. to do my Thusday hours - its been cooler in PA so makes for nicer farm days;-) I can't say enough about the heART artists and staff - I feel very blessed to be a part of their team;-) I am learning so much from everyone and it makes my personal art making time that much more meaningful. I'm glad you are enjoying my posts I love sharing and also love to read other's stories we are so interconnected no matter the distance. God Bless

  5. @fairykin
    FYI: I tried to post a comment to your blog and was not able to by blogger. I posted the question under HELP menu.



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