Monday, August 29, 2011

PLAYMAKERS make a difference in our society.

Had to share this with you just in case you missed it. I found out about PLAYMAKERS by reading Stacy Julian's blog page (which I now follow). Stacy was the day 12 BIG PICTURE CLASSES instructor and her word of the day was PLAY.

If you have not done so already you must check out Stacy's blog page you will not regret it. What an inspirational artist and humanitarian. Way to go Stacy to get the word out about the power of PLAY.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing that link for Stay's personal blog, Sandra, I am going to go check it out! I love how you worked through the entire 12 days of the big Picture event on your blog. Your commitment is inspirational!
    p.s. I updated my latest blog post (with a link to you) to reflect your question and another one. I added them right to the end of the post! Thanks for asking -I am sure others wondered too ; ^ ) lenna

  2. @Lenna Young Andrews Thanks Lenna, for answering my question, very helpful I will have to play with the Golden self leveling gel medium since I too love to work with varying items of depth in my collage art.

  3. Great link to Stacy's page. Thank you. What a wonderful post on Play! You really did a terrific job on your 12 days of Big! You are great at committing to the challenges. What is next? I just read that Traci Bunkers is doing another 30 Days of Get Your Art On :)

  4. @~Rasz~I'm starting my own personal challenge of creating a realist acrylic painting a week (I'm using the book I blogged about which had the hot peppers). And also creating at least one fun ATC card inspired by my Discovery Wednesday Flickr artist favorites. I want to make enough so I can trade with other artists.



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