Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Idea Festival - Day Eleven: Embrace

Day 11: August 25, 2011
Featured Artist: Nic Howard
Challenge word: EMBRACE

This is my entry for day eleven of the Big Idea Festival scrapbook challenge.

Day 11: Embrace (digital page created using Photoshop CS3)

This is a picture of my grandmother with one of her sisters. My grandmother was the youngest out of 13 siblings. She really loved her family. I love their hairstyles and innocent expressions in this photo as they share an embrace. My grandmother came to live in the USA with my parents in her old age leaving a majority of her family behind in Lima, Peru.



  1. We must be kindred spirtis, Sandra, as our blogs have similar likes, LOL!

    Love your work here. I'd like to add you to my wonderful Artists Blog roll on my site so others might find you from there.

    Great picture in this post.

  2. @Andrea
    LOL! Great artist minds think alike;-) I did see that you also follow the ART SAVES website. I discovered it through my online classes with Suzi Blu. Suzi is wonderful, very inspiring and her videos are hilarious and very, very entertaining.

    Feel free to add me to your Artists blog list and become a follower to stay updated with my posts... I get bored easy so I'm always trying something new and love sharing through my blog. I also especially love to share anything free happening on the web. So stay tuned and happy art making.

  3. Dear Sandra,
    I've just come in to look at your blog, and when I first saw the photo of your grandmother I got a bit of a shock. I had to stop and look again. The lady on the left of the photo (their left, not the screen), looks exactly like my Mum! Same face, same hair, it is so much like a photo of her when she was young, that it was like suddenly going back in time. I lost all my youth and family photos when I moved to Australia, so seeing it was very surreal.
    Thank you for sharing it Sandra, it was like entering another era.
    Warm hugs,
    Marta (willowing)

  4. What beautiful ladies Sandra!..and so perfect for this theme--photographs from the past are our own personal treasures.

  5. @Mystical StarSylph
    Thanks for stopping over. The sister you refer to (their left side) is my grandmother, Clementine. Both sisters were a mix of Peruvian, Filipino, and Hawaiian. So they hold many mixed cultural facial features;-) Where are you from Marta - prior to your move to Australia? I am so glad you felt a connection with this photo. I have to say even though my grandmother and her family did not have much money they were seamstress and made all their own clothes (fashion icons of their time) and I'm sure did all their own hairstyling. My mother always tells me even though we were super poor in Peru we were never dirty and we always were dressed well from help by my seamstress grandma. I love these vintage photos; I've scanned all my family photos to archive on a CD just in case the originals get lost or ruined. There is another photo of my grandmother that I love where she looks like a Hollywood movie star; her skin was like butter. My grandmother never used soap on her face just cream and she wiped it off with a soft warm towel. Her skin was like porcelain. If you take a look at the scrapbook page I created and posted titled "CHERISH" of my parents you can see that my mother, Dora, takes after her mom. I think I do a little too; although I have my father's cheeks LOL.
    Thanks for sharing,

  6. @DianeThanks Diane, I love black and white photos they capture so many tones and provide stunning shadows.

  7. What a beautiful photo and its so nice you have the history and culture of your family to share. Your grandmother and her sister are stunning...

  8. I just love black and white photographs. It's a beautiful photo and layout. Keep creating Sandra!!! You're amazing.


  9. @Maggie Thanks Maggie, I've been blessed with strong beautiful women in my family tree who just happened to also share my love for creativity and making art.



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