Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Idea Festival - Day 2: WONDER

Day 2: August 16, 2011
Featured Artist: Tami Morrison
Challenge word: WONDER

BIF Day 2: Wonder (digital scrapbook page using Photoshop CS3)
As you can see I am a day behind with my Big Idea Festival challenge entry - yesterday was a big day with both volunteering at the heART Gallery and the Farmacy... did not finish at the farm until 8:30pm and I was covered in hay so I had to quickly take a shower and then the exhaustion hit in (ever been there). So I hit the bed early and now I'm trying to get caught up. I'm soon off to the art gallery again but I will be posting my Day 3 challenge later this evening and of course my Wendesday Challenge mosaic images.

So see you later this evening for more art sharing and joy;-)



  1. LOVE your page and your take on the word!


  2. Love how you represented WONDER.


  3. @bcre8uv
    Thanks Tami! I really enjoyed your video on the word challenge site.

    Maggie, hope all is well with you - I'm sure things are picking up for you now that the start of school is around the corner. Hugs;-)



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