Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Idea Festival - Day Six: NEST

Day 6: August 20, 2011
Featured Artist: Emily Falconbridge
Challenge word:NEST

This is my entry for day 6 of the Big Idea Festival - the word for today was NEST.
Day 6: Nest (mixed media from art journal, photography, and edits using Photoshop CS3)

You might notice that this entry is quite different from the other postings in layout design and style. I am still evolving in my personal style of digital scrapbooking. In playing around in the studio this evening I discovered that I enjoy the results of merging (hands-on crafting and digital editing using Photoshop CS3). Its the best of both worlds for me.

Hands-on crafting: here is a photo of the original "real" layout of corrugated cardboard pieces covered with various collage papers sewn together in my art journal.
Mixed media in recycled art journal.

Photo taken at the Farmacy of an artichoke.
Hands-on photography: here is a the original photo I took of an artichoke at the Farmacy I volunteer at. I used Photoshop CS3 to weave new elements to the background of the page, add embellishments and tweak the color tones, light levels and added text to tell the story of what the word "nest" means to me.



  1. Beautiful--I love how you combined the 2 together--great theme too!

  2. @Diane
    Thanks Diane, I'm getting there... still learning tons.

  3. oh wow! I'm impressed at how you have combined these three elements together here for your finished page

  4. @Lisa
    Although I'm loving using the computer for design I still love the hands-on process of creating art as well. That's how I came about to pull the three mediums together. I plan to continue to learn and share the process as time goes by. Thanks

  5. Hi Sandra, I love your layout. Your photograph is amazing. Kudos to you!



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