Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Idea Festival - Day Ten: Moment

Day 10: August 24, 2011
Featured Artist: Steph C., owner of the Daily Digi and host of the Digi Show
Challenge word: MOMENT

This is my entry for day ten of the Big Idea Festival scrapbook challenge.

Day 10: Moment (digital page created using Photoshop CS3)

This is a clay sculpture piece I created while taking a hand-building clay class at my local university during the Bush administration. I had tons of fun creating it and playing with the figures afterwards. It really captured a moment in time for me. Here are more photo of the process of creating the figures (my inspiration for the body type was indigenous warriors of South America). Our class project was to take a primitive style of an art form and reintroduce with a modern twist.



  1. Too cool!!! I did clay once in a local college art class, also during the Bush admin era. I loved it and did one piece of a Navajo woman, which I gave away to a dear friend. Your piece is really good! I've been offline for a week and just now catching up. I have to look at this Big Idea Festival you are doing. Oh, keep a look out for an envelope in the mail:)

  2. Wow you're one creative lady. It's beautiful how you're bring your creations from the past and making a connection with what you're doing today. Awesome!




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