Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Idea Festival - Day Four: GIVE

Day 4: August 18, 2011
Featured Artist: Wendy Smedley
Challenge word: GIVE

BIF Day 4: Give (digital scrapbook page using Photoshop CS3)
Here is my entry for day four, the prompt word is 'give'. I decided to work around one of my favorite family pictures. It includes my grandmother, mother and niece. Three generations of strong females with creative minds and huge hearts. My grandmother was a self taught seamstress who made all of my mother's clothing growing up in Lima, Peru. My mother as I shared in an earlier post enjoyed drawing pretty girls for me to make into paper dolls when I was a young girl (and as of late has taken to doing folk style painting on recycled yard sale items). My niece as you saw in my first BIF entry for 'share' is a natural artist who not only paints, she does collage and ceramics since age 5 through our local art museum's children's classes. And when possible (she has a very busy enrichment schedule with brownies, YMCA swim team, Girls on the run 5Ks, and the list goes on) I instruct her in my art studio with various arts and crafts projects. We will start doing ceramic arts on Monday (she received a child's size clay turning wheel for her birthday last week). 

I am so thankful for all these ladies and I try to give my time and energy to them always. My grandmother is now deceased (since 2005) but I still visit with her memory everyday when I enjoy my coffee on my sofa next to her picture. It's a cute picture maybe I will share this image in a future post. 



  1. This is BEAUTIFUL.

  2. @Maggie
    Thanks Maggie, I've really been enjoying this process.



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